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Embraer Reveals Its Latest 70-90 Seat Turboprop Iteration

During a presentation today, Embraer gave us more details about its upcoming turboprop project. A company executive has provided further information on what we can expect from Embraer’s new offering, while the president and CEO of the company even shared some images of what the aircraft will look like when it’s ready to fly. ( さらに...

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sparkie624 1
Interesting concept, but from a Maintenance prospective I can see issues with Cracks caused by Vibration. 1 Advantage of being Prop and tail mounted engines would be when you lose an engine it should be easier to control seeing the engines close to the center line of the aircraft... However, if you ever throw a blade while in flight and it goes through the Fuselage, it will probably render the plane unflyable... Remember the DC10 with the Center engine failure (American Airlines Flight 191) when it severed all the Hydraulic Systems... Just imagine the damage that a Prop could do to the tail section during an uncontrolled failure!
nemosteve1080i 1
The DC10 incident was UA232. UA232 lost the engine mounted on the vertical stabilizer, severing hydraulic lines. Experienced pilots & vectored thrust did the best possible job under what could have been much worse. Yes, some passengers did perish, but Captain Haynes and his crew saved many souls.

AA191 physical lost a wing mounted engine shortly after rotation and while in full power climb. I believe the mounting bolt on the engine pylon failed, possibly from corrosion.

bentwing60 1
AA191 out of ORD had Nothing to do with corrosion! It was due to "Loss of control caused by engine detachment due to improper maintenance". Failed pylon, direct quote from WIKI which was pulled from the full NTSB report.


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