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Military Plane Crashes into Neighborhood 1.5nm South of Nellis AFB (KLSV)

A military plane (or possibly a military contractor's aircraft) crashed shortly after 1400 PDT (2100Z) into the backyard of a home 1.75 mi (1.5 nm) south of the runway. Initial reports from Clark County Fire Department indicated 1 fatality, likely the pilot. Witnesses stated they heard the plane go silent before seeing it fall sideways toward the ground. ( さらに...

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vegaskukichyo 3
Update: CCFD reporting pilot was killed. Nellis AFB said in a statement that the aircraft was operated by a military contractor and crashed after takeoff around 1430 PDT/2130Z.
bentwing60 0
Well, I'll call BS on this statement by the NTSB,

"As the aircraft was not military and “civilian flown,” the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) says it is sending an investigator to the scene"

If you can call the airplane described in the WIKI. reference below "not military" then I guess a spade may or may not be a spade anymore.

Lee Withers 1
Time to check your cards again. A aircraft not belonging to any branch of the U.S. military and flown by a civilian pilot is not regarded as a military aircraft and falls into the civilian category.
bentwing60 0
Semantics aside, and N#/AWC not withstanding, Dassault never built an F1 for commercial or private use principally, and the operator of this aircraft employees it in an 'aggressor squadron" military role, ergo, "not military" is factually correct, but semantically disingenous. I'll concede the 'legal' posit, but that wasn't the intent of my post!
vegaskukichyo 1
It's not a question of definitions. They're just clarifying jurisdiction. Because the plane was not flown or owned by the US Military, it falls under civilian jurisdiction (ie, the NTSB). Otherwise, the investigation would be controlled by the military.


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