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I visited a United Club during the pandemic and saw how the airline is re-imagining the airport lounge as it slowly welcomes back travelers

United Airlines is slowly reopening its premium lounges, aptly named United Clubs, across the country as more flyers return to the skies. Only 10 lounges have opened their doors with at least one at each of United's hubs in the US but locations at 25 airports across the airline's global network remain closed. ( さらに...

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William Reading 2
Just looking at these pictures, the story isn't consistent with what they've done. This seems to be partially about safety and partially about cutting costs.

For example, the bar can do soft drinks and coffee, but they only do coffee, and drinks are self-serve? They offer prepackaged items, but only have non-snacks available upon request. No reminders to wear a mask to save paper and plastic, but they do have only single serve cups and where to stand?

I get it, United is hurting for revenue and wants to cut costs, but at least be honest about it. I don't see myself traveling soon, but if I were, I don't think it would be worth it to visit this lounge.
Christian Parada 2
That is a really bad headline.


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