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Delta Says No To Masks With Valves; Will Offer Complimentary Mask

If you’re planning to fly with Delta Air Lines, be sure to leave home any masks with valves as the airline will not allow you to use them on-board. ( More...

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Diana Rose 6
People with C.O.P.D. cannot breathe well with flat-fitting masks; need space and the valves up front.
racerxx 1
There is an interview for persons with medical conditional
Greg S 1
This make no sense as the article talks about masks with *exhaust* valves.
djames225 1
Yes...many cheap "N95" masks just have a 1 way valve that is not filtered but allows air you exhale out
djames225 0
The issue is many of the cheaper N95 mask valves have no filtration system built in. A proper N/K 95 mask with proper filtration is expensive. You should see the looks I get wearing mine around. Its a pro model that was used during paint shop days.
ADXbear 4
I get it.. but.. my valves mask has charcoal filters that I must breath and exhale through...
Just saying there are different kinds of these masks..

Here is a bigger issue.. people wearing their masks under the nose.. I get it.. it's harder to breath with any mask on.. fury people touching the inside of their masks with contaminated fingers.. no good..

There is akot for people the learn.. but I understand Deltss concern.. they prob understand the filtering systems available. It's cool
Here, here to the comment about people wearing masks UNDER their nose. That COMPLETELY defeats the purpose! As for valves, you have to understand the rationale for requiring masks in the first place. The idea is to protect others from you, not to protect you from others. As a physician, I’ve ordered (or tried to order) tons of different masks in the past several months. There are N95s that are approved for use in the OR, but none of those have the simple exhaust valves, because in sterile situations, the need for protection is a two-way matter.
Highflyer1950 4
There is probably a low risk with a face mask with an exhalation valve under normal breathing. However, the force of a sneeze or cough is more powerful than a normal breath and according to some articles these exhalation valves can allow aerosol droplets in sufficient quantity to pass through even charcoal filtering and pose a risk to those nearby. I think you are correct that Delta has done their research. What a conundrum this virus has caused for everyone?
Jeff Moir 5
Masks exist to protect the people around you, not necessarily you. An outflow valve totally defeats that objective. Delta is right with their decision.
rlowney -2
If Delta is making this call it should and must be backed up by a mandate from the CDC. If we are being put through these changes based on "science" and it ALL needs to be standardized and that needs to come from the CDC not individual airlines. They need to be clear about the mask types, how to wear them (including below the nose-shouldn't you be thrown off the plane for that too?), how long you should have them on before changing them out, everything!!! This is all slapped-together science and it's got to stop! Hopefully once the vaccine comes all of this will go away and we won't have to deal with this anymore-yeah right!!!
David Isaacs 4
Way to go!
wearing a mask is a "new" concept to americans,unless they are in the medical profession, or have a family member who has auto immmune issues and those around must be masked..its not that hard to resaerch various kinds of masks,what they are for,what they do or do not protect the wearer or those around the person from..i think delta more than likely has had medical professionals on their staff give them advice..if delta is wiling to hand out masks to those needing the proper one,then what is the issue of problem..i say,none...
wiztom 2
3M says there is no directive about this from the CDC
djames225 0
That is because A: the 3M masks are proper and have filtration, so CDC will say little to them..actually sometimes they say little to anyone when they should be saying a lot more.
B: Look how long it took them to flip from "the World Health Organization and the CDC initially advised against wearing masks, saying there was little evidence that it would help prevent people from getting sick." to "Now, the CDC encourages all people in public to wear masks where social distancing measures cannot be maintained,"
Shannon Flath 2
If people can’t follow guidelines or rules of each airline, then find another airline. Or how about this, don’t travel at all.
When this all hit, I already had a stack of N95 masks with valves. I put tape on the inside of the valves, which makes it safe for others, but isn't visible. I keep expecting someone to object, but nobody ever has.
William Mihok 1
There is no country wide consensus on what type of "mask" to wear. All are making up their own rules!
Diana Rose 0
Flat-fitting, close around the edges, valveless masks can effect co2, can even displace oxygen levels in our bodies. On a 2-3 hour flight not good; Need the valves, with filtration. Good info on the subj @ NIH... article on face masks.
Highflyer1950 1
Give your head a shake and do some basic research!

“ A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention representative told Reuters that carbon dioxide, indeed, will collect between the mask and face but not in dangerous amounts and certainly not enough to cause hypercapnia. A mask is designed to trap viral droplets, much larger than tiny carbon dioxide particles. A mask, either N95 or cloth, cannot trap all carbon dioxide particles — they either go through the mask or escape along the mask’s perimeter.”

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djames225 7
Actually valved masks are very in-effective. There are 2 types of N95 masks and health officials say do not wear the valved units. They allow unfiltered air to escape.
ADXbear 1
My valves masks filter all air on and out.. charcoal bags are in a pocket inside the mask.. can be changed out and washed.
djames225 1
Those are good units, if the filtration manufacture doesn't cheap out. Heard of a few where you actually inhale some filtration dust in.
But alas not all masks are created equal. I got a cheap unit, to test, the other day. Placed a kleenex in front of the valve..after about 15 secs, that kleenex had moisture all over it.
Just be careful of the filter manufacture.
They are being picky with that?! What about when you're eating, you're not even wearing it, and they are picky about the valve?! And what about social distancing?! Are there empty seats in-between?! Some planes have people packed in there like sardines. So get off your high horse Delta.
Shannon Flath 3
Delta isn’t selling middle seats and have also cut the number of passengers allowed. Same with Southwest.
djames225 2
The whole reason for the masks is due to not being able to physical distance properly on an aircraft. On international flights, middle seats are vacant to assist with distancing.
If you do not like Delta's mandatory policies, find another airline.
D Rotten -1
Now, THIS is VERY interesting!
Association Of American Physicians And Surgeons Sounds Off On Face Masks


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