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FAA proposes to fine Southwest Airlines $3.9m

The FAA has proposed to levy a $3.9 million fine on Southwest Airlines for operating more than 20,000 commercial flights with incorrect weight and balance calculations, potentially putting the safety of the flights at risk. ( さらに...

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Highflyer1950 2
It would be interesting to find out how incorrect these figures were? I mean a carrier that operates one type with a few variants and the only variable being pax, Fuel load and two baggage holds, exactly how far off could the c of g get if load factors averaged above 70% with average bags and fuel for between 2 & 5 hours?
bentwing60 2
I suspect your curiosity matches mine, HF. If the dispatch computed CG or weight #s were significantly inaccurate, then the flight crews would have noticed that the performance #s didn't add up or the pitch trim settings at takeoff were wrong and they would have to significantly retrim on all those takeoffs. SW guys ain't that dumb! I suspect the errors were in the 'rounding' up or down range and it was easier to pay the fine than fight a tarnished FAA lookin' for a merit badge to show while they eat Boeing crow.
sharon bias 2
The issue is critical, but the fine wasn't much in the scope of things. Probably a lot of background information we'll never know about.
Stuart Fountain 1
FAA trying anything to save face!
airuphere 1
Wonder if that background info we don’t know is retaliatory for their suit against Boeing
Chris B 1
Its one thing to announce a fine, but the end result, after negotiation will never be reported.


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