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Airbus exec: Boeing’s 737 Max grounding benefits no one

DUBAI — Airbus Chief Commercial Officer Christian Scherer forcefully rejected the notion that his company is benefiting from the grounding of Boeing’s 737 Max fleet while speaking to CNBC during the Dubai Air Show. “I really need to correct that cultural belief. This does not benefit anyone in this industry, the least of which would be Airbus,” Scherer told CNBC’s Hadley Gamble on Sunday. ( さらに...

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He is correct in that it has no benefit to anyone. The industry as a whole suffers a loss of face because Boeing failed to teach pilots how to fly the airplane. The complexity of the systems to make this Max airframe fly is a magnitude greater than recent previous versions. Boeing chose to have software "take the stick" without really fully informing customers how to recover from malfunctions.
When Microsoft builds features like this it is simply inconvenient, When Boeing does it, disaster.

Only time will tell, but methinks Airbus may see a bump in their single aisle order books.
But Boeing DID teach pilots how to fly the airplane. “Trim Runaway” MEMORY ITEM: Trim Cutout switches- CUTOUT! The two previous incidents on the LionAir aircraft were properly handled and the flights landed safely. Of course, on the penultimate flight, it was the jumpseater that remembered his training and called for the trim cutout. Unfortunately, maintenance never fixed the problem which was typical for Lion Air.

As for the Ethiopian crash, it occurred more than four months after Boeing had issued an EMERGENCY AD to all MAX pilots and airlines describing the potential problem and EXACTLY how to deal with it (TURN OFF TRIM SWITCHES!). Apparently, Ethiopian never communicated this to its pilots. Yes, it can be said that the poorly designed MCAS system started the ball rolling, but ultimately it was bad handling by the pilots that sealed their fate.
When Microsoft builds features like this it is simply inconvenient... so far.

There, I fixed it.
Yes he’s right, now off topic: With a ‘magnitude greater’? you mean one added system, that doesn’t take the stick but the trim? Once MCAS is fixed, it’s just another old fashioned 737 with fancy screens upfront.
Yes, just another old fashioned 737 with new engines, new wings, new glass cockpit, new FBW spoilers/speedbrakes, new glass cockpit, double the original range, 80% more passenger capacity, Mach .8 cruise instead of .74. Yeah, nothing new really.
typical tabloid "journalism" with the leading question begging for the answer to fit the lamestream narrative. Good on Airbus for not taking the bait.
Kudos to you for seeing thru the "closed end question" from a "sensationalist" not a journalist. The media has truly been piling on instead of reporting facts. They love to manufacture "click bait" sound bites instead of doing their jobs. Ric W. is also correct in his comparison of Microsoft w/ Boeing. New technology is nothing to fear, but must be examined and fully understood, and Trained with! , before you go off into the wild blue.
That's why I'm afraid to ever have a robot do a hip replacement surgery on me. One bad line of code and who knows where the robot drills?
It is amazing that so little has been said about the MANY problems caused by bad software and human interface on AIRBUS aircraft. Even their own test pilots have been killed trying to figure out why the airplane was doing what it was. And it all started very early in the program at Habsheim where the whole world got to watch a brand new A320 crash into the trees. Then, there was the A310 that pilots could not get out of GA mode, QF 72, AF 447, the A400 crash at La Rinconada, Spain. Quantas Flight 72 was almost identical to the MAX MCAS incident except that it happened at altitude. They had simultaneous stall and over speed warnings. If it had been near the ground or been flown by lesser pilots, the result would have been as fatal as the Max crashes. The problem was bad software. There are many more examples but Airbus never takes a hit because Zee side stick is très moderne and nozing can go wrong.
There but for the grace of God, as they say, goes Airbus. And Airbus knows this. This is why their criticism has been nearly non-existent towards Boeing. Albeit, they have an easier platform to fix in that they A320 is all fly by wire, and computer controlled/augmented. Whereas the 737MAX is a hybrid fly by wire/legacy hydro mechanical bird.
Likely after effects of the 737 MAX grounding: more vigilant regulation and tighter certification standards for new or substantially modified aircraft. EASA won’t take FAA’s word on faith, and vice versa, neither will allow the self-certification authority Boeing had to do the MAX. No one wants another MAX-like mess. Renewed emphasis on safety-first is all to the good, but higher test and certification costs, in money and in time, will make it harder to close the business case for a new plane. That’s no benefit for any one manufacturer over another.
Might benefit those passengers who favor arriving at their destination. Alive.
"Boeing’s 737 Max grounding benefits no one...except us, bwah-ha-haaaa!!" :-)
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He then laughed and went outside and lit a cigar.
Whether it was intentional or not, this comment manages to be universally funny at the expense of nobody--no group, no individual.

Your negative number of votes should be all the evidence FA needs to dump the anonymous upvote/downvote system. It's the the ultimate refuge for the ignorant. Thanks reddit.

Congrats on your 7 under par.
Since you have deemed those of us that have voted since this place started to be the ignorant in refuge, I suggest the moderator get rid of you for being in the belligerent minority. or maybe just don't vote, if it means that much to you.
I don't vote. If I did, you would be at zero right now. You would also be completely oblivious to the fact that I am a card carrying member of the ban-worthy belligerent minority.

The real question is if the voting systems works so well, why didn't you use it? Why invest the time and effort to help me understand? it seems redundant at the very least, if not a total waste of time.
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nice to agree on somethin for once.
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How naive are you? Had there been a lack of competition, airplanes might still be dated like the interior of of an L1011
I'd much rather have the 1011 back, with modern upgrades, of course.
Hey! That was a hell of an airplane. Way ahead of its time. It only crashed when humans MADE it crash!
Haven't kept up with my previous work, I presume?
What, you think he then went into his office and had a good cry?

If lighting up a cigar doesn't represent the essence of competition, what does?
It benefits who knows how many passengers that could've potentially be killed, but yeah, other than that, the grounding benefits no one, moron.
You cant benefit from something that isn't a available to you. That, and you missed his point entirely. Let's keep the unnecessary hyperbole out of conversation here. And name calling only diminishes anynpoint you make.


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