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'Flight shame' could halve growth in air traffic

'Flight shame' could halve growth in air traffic. That's not good for airlines and manufacturers! ( さらに...

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dee9bee 16
This reminds me of the very first Earth Day, 1970, as I recall. I was in high school and we were urged to walk or ride our bikes to school that day. Instead of riding the bus, I biked the five miles to school. Guess what? The bus ran anyway.
This topic will disappear once "climate change" (formerly "global warming") ceases to be the cause-du-jour among the "Woke".

Saint Greta's one way trip across the Atlantic in a plastic racing boat, which "saved" one Transatlantic seat, lead to at least four unnecessary additional Transatlantic flights as two members of the yacht's westbound crew had to be replaced and flown back to Europe and two replacements flown to the US to replace them for the eastbound leg.

The various meetings and conferences, held several times a year in exotic locations, to consider this topic (many of which could be done by the participants online) also leads to increased fuel burn as huge numbers of private aircraft as well as scheduled flight seats are used by participants to jet around the world to discuss how they will reduce aircraft operations. Even the increased logistical requirements of special foods (and even flowers !) being flown in for the conferences leads to further totally unnecessary additional resource consumption.
dav555 2
Right on. The new nobility, i.e. politicians and wealthy elites, will continue flying around the world on private jets, staying in 5 star hotels, and eating at michelin star restaurants while the rest of the ignorant masses who believed the climate change propaganda become modern day serfs as 50+% of their wages are taxed away so they can then only afford to walk, bike, or take a crowded, smelly bus to work.
Let me guess, you don't live near the coast.
canuck44 2
Tell that to Obama who just dropped $14.000,000 for a waterfront property.
Oh, do you think that was his money? LOL
canuck44 0
Very clean money...I mean well laundered. Pay off from NetFlics and the money from his book yet to be produced.
bbabis -1
Not to mention the hundreds of Billions still unaccounted for from that administration.
Planes do go through a lot of fuel per flight; that much is true. But most modern airplanes can carry dozens or even hundreds of people at a time. On a per person basis, the fuel economy of most modern airplanes is comparable to (or in some cases, better than) cars. Even when those figures are worse than cars, (e.g. freighter aircraft and business jets) in most cases, those planes don't fly as frequently as large passenger aircraft, so their carbon footprint is comparable to that of the newest large airplanes.
Interesting that the 16-year-old who had her youth stolen from her, took a private UN plane and was picked up in a Limo so that she could tell us how we stole her youth.

Now we move to flight shame...really why was passenger count up across the globe last year.
canuck44 8
So we are to have all our national policy on energy use determined by an autistic teenager and a New York bartender with a bad accent and room temperature IQ. Frank Harvey is absolutely correct as it will dry up especially when the money does. There are no green energy programs that do no require taxpayer support...usually to the friends of those in power.
Better an autistic teenager and a New York Bartender than a temper tantrum throwing five year old.
Yeah, the US is doing so bad economically.................
And who might that "temper tantrum throwing five-year-old" be?
scheffbd -1
Hint: The Orange Menace
I think we need to compare dictionaries over the phrase "five-year-old".
All this for something that is not man caused?????? Sounds silly. If you feel guilty, don't fly, simple as that. Don't turn on your computer, or drive a car, breathe, or use Air Conditioning. That will make a HUGE difference.
sc c 2
The sky is falling. Well,you cannot fix Stupid. The climate changers will pay attention to a not to bright 16 year old girl. But I would be willing to bet than none of them with a 16 year old would trust the kid to manage their retirement portfolios.
Shame and guilt are tools that people use when they know they can't get you to do what they want you to do.
I am guessing that those who think Climate Change is a hoax or of minor concern are the same people who think the moon landings were staged, Elvis is alive and well and living in Argentina. Climate Change is the most important issue that we have ever faced. If we are not successful in reversing the trends of the last 100 years, and very quickly, humans will soon find the Earth to be a very inhospitable place.
Let me ask you something:

Will the average global temperature and/or average global CO2 level in the atmosphere exceed that which the average human can survive, or will we run out of the resources that are driving the changes in question before we get to that point?
bbabis -1
In my time, climate “scientists have had us covered in ice as the earth cooled, covered by water as it warmed, back to a coming ice-age, and I believe now they are back to the ocean thing again. This proves there is climate change and that doomsday prognosticators have to stop taking the normal swings in the earth’s climate to unrealistic extremes each time a micro trend is identified.
scheffbd 3
You are a very old man, Big Bill.
bbabis 0
I hate that word "old." I prefer seasoned or experienced.

Attitude is everything!
siriusloon -1
Halve it? No hyperbole there at all, no siree.


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