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Man Arrested After Tirade Over Long Bathroom Line Forces LAX-Bound Flight To Make Emergency Landing

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A flight from New York to Los Angeles made an emergency landing after a man went on a tirade over having to wait in line for the bathroom, while the first-class bathrooms were empty. “You wrong. By making 7 people wait here to use the bathroom here while the bathroom up there is empty, is wrong,” the unidentified man in a Jets jersey and hat is heard saying loudly in the aisle of Alaska Airlines Flight 411. ( さらに...

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Cansojr 3
You will find whiners who prattle on about how unfair that he had to wait his turn. Somebody should have told him to chew on a stick of gum. It really reduces the urge to a tolerable level.
If I were on that flight, I'd be real pissed.
Most who fly often, especially in last class, learn that you plan your bathroom breaks and sometimes go when you don't as yet "have the urge" when there's no line.


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