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Helicopter crashes on Roof of Manhattan Skyscrapper

No injuries reported as of yet. Small fire quickly put out. If true, Lucky all around. ( さらに...

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No instrument rating and trying to scud run it back to his home base. The dive out of the clouds smacks of spatial disorientation. Clint Eastwood said it best: "A man's got to know his limitations."
The pilot was identified as Tim McCormack, 58, by officials at the chopper's home base in Linden, New Jersey
The Agusta A109E helicopter crash landed into the roof of 787 Seventh Avenue just before 2pm Monday
Smoke was seen billowing from the top of the 54-story building as police evacuated surrounding structures
Airport manager Paul Dudley told the New York Times that McCormack worked for the helicopter's owner, Daniele Bodini, who he said commuted between the city and upstate New York
A source said the pilot had radioed that he was in trouble just before the chopper went down
The privately-owned helicopter had taken off from the 34th Street heliport 11 minutes before it crashed
Officials said it may have been heading to its home airport, which is southeast of the city - raising additional questions about how it ended up on top of the building northwest of the launch pad
Witness video shows the aircraft taking a nosedive amid rainy conditions moments before it made impact
The FDNY shared chilling images of the charred wreckage as a source told 'The chopper is obliterated. There is heavy fire damage and wreckage from the aircraft strewn across [the roof]'
Investigators are probing whether it was approved to enter the restricted airspace where the crash occurred
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has said there is no indication the crash was intentional
Thank you for the update. Much more clear than the original.

Excellent work.
Current reports indicate pilot was not IFR rated.
Pilot dead. RIP
If I recall correctly, that Agusta sells for about six and a half million. What owner in their right mind allows an aircraft in that class to be piloted by someone who is not instrument-rated, given the unpredictable and generally crappy weather in the state of New York?
Someone who has zero idea of FARs and the reasons for them.....
At least one person is confirmed dead.
very sad. Was hoping.
Sounds like contact with LGA was incorrect. FAA says they had no communication with pilot.
You might want to revise this subhead above.
Were I able to edit it I would, however, I cannot. At the time of posting the news outlet had no injuries reported.


There, I fixed it for you.
SO SORRY FOR THE MANS FAMIY AND FRIENDS..MAY HE REST IN PEACE..the weather was rainy,foggy and misty,so that may be a factor..there are a lot of helicopters in and around the manhatten area,but one of the news outlets reported this particular building and area is a "no fly" zone because it is close to the trump tower..the pilot was reported to be very experienced,so the authorities will find the cause to be sure..
Unfortunately one dead, the pilot. Pilot was speaking with and lost contact with LGA tower.
At the time I posted it, none had been confirmed. Very sad indeed. May he rest in peace.


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