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Nobody wants to fly on the disastrous 737 Max, even if Boeing fixes it

Earlier this year, a Boeing 737 Max 8 crashed in Ethiopia, claiming the lives of all 157 people on board. The crash was the second tragic loss of a 737 Max 8 full of passengers within several months, leading aviation authorities to ground the planes until the company and safety officials could determine what went wrong. Plenty of news regarding the troubled planes has surfaced in the intervening months, revealing that certain software features of the planes’ computer systems are likely to blame… ( さらに...

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David Hammack 4
Well, not 'nobody'. I'll fly on it.
bbabis 3
This too shall pass. All involved will make amends, learn the lessons, and move on. Hyperbole media stories do not help the process.
Shenghao Han 2
This article treated us like we learned nothing from DC-10...

DC-10 had a very Healthy life after initial high profile crashes... which I can say she had proven herself been rehabilitated... why won’t we give 737 MAX a chance as well?

People didn’t stop buying bending gate iPhones or Samsung Notes... the last thing we need is articles like this spreading suspicion and distrust....even though that is what grabs all the attention these days...
houseofgold 2
Quite a reckless article looking to grab attention and sell news
There are lots of websites that inform the flying public what plane is assigned to a particular flight, including the airline's own schedule pages. People who don't fly for a living and the non-pilots (and even some pilots that I know personally) want nothing to do with the MAX. They are afraid that their remains will be picked up with a paper towel and envision the last 30 seconds of their lives in a free fall among a groups of screaming people inside an aluminum tube. I doubt that airlines are going to punish any passenger who refuses to board a plane because it is a MAX. They don't want to call attention to penalizing someone who is afraid to fly on that plane. They will give the passenger a voucher or refund to keep the individual quiet, so the other sheeple will just get on the plane.
jbermo 1
So why be afraid of a fixed and certified airplane. If it is fixed then it is fixed. If the "certifiers" cannot be trusted then any airplane they certify can be considered as unsafe. . . . Hocus Pocus need not apply.
william baker 1
I’ll fly on it. The plane is a great plane but all new designs have issues. This will be fixed and the plane will go on for years.
siriusloon 0
No, it's not a "great plane". It has serious and systemic flaws. If they're fixed, maybe it can become a great plane, but it is not one now.

The design reviews, flight tests, and certification process are all supposed to prevent a new design having what you dismiss as "issues". Tell the families and friends of the 346 dead passengers and crew that it was just an "issue" that killed them. Tell the airlines that are losing millions because they had to park a lot of aircraft that it's just an "issue".

How much Boeing stock do you own?
william baker 3
I don’t own Boeing stock nut if your gonna throw that punch then how much of airbus do you own. I viewed my dam opinion on this plane and people take that as wrong to do. I’m sorry to me the Boeing g 737 max is a great plane and will always be. Just because you or anyone else doesn’t like it doesn’t mean everyone else does. Let’s grow up on here and start respecting others people’s opinions on the post of FlightAware.
Help me with the thought process here, James. The original LA Times article is available online , but you choose to go with an article that links to another article that links to the original. Was it the authors bio that put his version on top of your list?

"Mike Wehner has reported on technology and video games for the past decade, covering breaking news and trends in VR, wearables, smartphones, and future tech."

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Michael Lewis -4
Like the general public would really be able to tell the difference unless they were blatantly told it was a Max? I mean c'mon - most people can tell you a difference if it had a single or twin isle, and, can't even remember if it had 2 or 4 engines! Also, most people flying probably believe in chemtrails LOL
siriusloon 1
While not everyone is an internationally-recognized expert on aircraft identification like you, a lot of people DO know what a 737 is and whether it's a Classic, an NG, or a MAX, they have concerns. The same thing happened after some DC-10 crashes and I bet you wouldn't have given the public any credit back then for knowing what a DC-10 was.

Your attempts to discredit the general public in order to boost your own ego are pathetic.
Michael Lewis 1
Ha! Okay then, you really did nothing to defend the gen pub anyways - you didn't even deny that my point was probably correct. And to your other reply below to my correction - maybe FA should add and edit button. I'll continue to mock people about airplanes, because I can. I know my shit about them, and I'm proud of it.
Michael Lewis 1
can't* tell the difference
siriusloon -3
If you weren't in such a hurry to mock people maybe you would have had time to proofread your post before hitting send.


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