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Delta Air Lines says goodbye to its entire McDonnell Douglas fleet

Delta Air Lines will soon say goodbye to its entire McDonnell Douglas fleet. Delta's MD-88s have already been planned to leave the fleet in 2020, but the carrier wants to phase out its MD-90s as well sooner than expected. Paul Jacobson, Chief Financial Officer of Delta, said that the airline would provide more information within a few months as to when the MD-90s will be dropped from the service. Delta Air Lines currently operates a fleet of 37 MD-90 that is 22 years old on average. ( More...

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sharon bias 11
Lease them to American until the 737 mess is fixed. The capacity of the planes is similar to the 737 and more expensive gas is still cheaper than losing all the income from the cancelled flights.
since American just"retired"recently all of its md 80's,they may still be able to put some of them back into service if not sold or parked in the desert or dismantled..they would not need to lease from delta..
golfbum971 1
Wrong. American still has 80's flying.
there are 28 md-80's still in service systemwide with aa out of 42 earlier..they all were to be retired by the end of 2019..
sparkie624 1
That is correct... They fly them out of KSTL. I not sure to what extent, but they RON at least 3 a night and keep a spare a/c there as well.
kharing72 1
Even if "mothballed" in the desert, it doesn't take a ton of work to get them airworthy again usually. That's probably even more true with the AA fleet because there are probably plenty that haven't been sitting there long.
MultiComm 1
Not sure but the 88/90s are probably more cost effective to operate but then juggling cost of returning to service the Super 80s vs leaseknv 88/90 from Delta 🤷‍♂️
I agree Sharon
Relics 7
Was fortunate to be on a MD-88 from Arkansas to Atlanta and a MD-90 from Atlanta to Cincinnati. Fantastic planes.
The MD-90 is so much quieter that the -88. Hate to see it go.
Loved that aircraft.. I’ll miss it
No mention of the 717. What’s with that.
cboginsk 3
The "Mad Dogs" were always great. A real improvement from the earlier DC9s. Takeoffs and climbs were pretty impressive for their time. They will be missed, but it all boils down to economics and the cost of maintaining older airframes.
John D 4
Although the cabins are loud, I've always thought the MD's had a great ride.
MultiComm 4
Ever sit in the back of a 737? I can’t say which variants specifically (probably the MAX) but they are quite loud as well.
cboginsk 2
The back seat in a DC9-30 were no picnic either. The engines were always a little out of sync with each other and there was always an out of phase whine from one side to the other.
Gawd, yes! I remember being stuck in a back seat, and there was some vibration harmonics that made the thing so loud, and shaky. Yeah, I'll pass...

Plus, can anyone imagine the uncontained failure that the SouthWorst flight had, happening to an engine just off the side of the fuselage? Not likely survivable. Yikes...
EliteAirInc 0
Look up Delta Flight 1288.
Shenghao Han 1
probably not the max, smaller engines/fan are louder than bigger fan/engines
Angry puppy?
Shenghao Han 5
Evolution of flight, who would know engines mounted on wings would relief bending moment and sheer stress back in the 50s... the reduction of weight (from not needing reinforcing the wings) making the aerodynamic benefits almost negligible and risk of a deep stall making tail mounting layout obsolete on 100+ seaters...
I will always miss watching a MD-88 climbing out of ATL
matt jensen 4
DAL should keep them. Cheaper to fly those, than cancel flights. Only 22 yo jets? Wow - we still fly 50 yo a/c!
HAH!!! I remember getting on a NorthWest DC-9, and seeing the huge plaque on the bulkhead, and commenting that the plane was only something like 4 years younger than I was at the time.

Shortly after that, coincidence I'm sure, NorthWest removed all the plaques. Too funny...
James Steiner 2
I had 2 good flights on the MD 88s in 2016 MIA-ATL and MSY-ATL
My Dad was a career "Tech-Rep" for Douglas, which was later taken into McDonnell: Douglas AD-1, A4D, DC-9 plus Yugoslav JAT DC-10s were his specialties. Also flew for Chalk Airways in retirement.
sparkie624 2
An end to another err!
Doug Fehmel 2
Loved flying the MD-80/ MD-88 during my travel days in Europe in the 80/90's. Personlly I would book the two seats together whenever I traveled with my wife on trips together. I will miss those jets.
Kobe Hunte 2
wish they could build upgraded versions of these planes. they are very nice..
They did. It was the B717.
Kobe Hunte 3
I mean more modern day...
sparkie624 2
Make them about 20 feet longer, 10 in the front, 10 in the rear... Then raise it another 3 feet off the ground... You shouldn't need the Nose to be pushed over due to too much thrust... With 2 big 757 size engines on the tail that sucker would never have thrust too far forward of the wing... LOL... What I would like to see is the return of the 727 stretched and 3 CFM 56's! :)
SkyAware123 1
upgrade... like the 737 max 800 ? no thanks.
MultiComm 3
The 3/2 seating will be GREATLY missed!!!
scott8733 6
The C-Series.....errrr the new A220's they're getting have 3 & 2 arrangement in coach.
John Waller 2
Mixed feelings - not a bad ride but endless mechanicals with Delta. It’s time.
obby882 1
From the back: quiet sold comfortable plane. Replacing it with creaky rattling 321s that feel like the nose wheel coming up will shake the plane apart.


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