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United adds more than 1,600 new premium seats to international, domestic and regional aircraft, GoJet to fly the first new CRJ550

United Airlines today announced the next step in its commitment to making more customers more comfortable by adding more than 1,600 United Polaris® business class and United First seats to nearly 250 international and domestic aircraft. Additionally, United will revolutionize the regional flying experience by introducing the two-cabin, 50-seat Bombardier CRJ550 aircraft to its fleet, offering customers on key regional routes more legroom, storage and amenities than any other 50-seat regional… ( さらに...

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Interesting...take a CRJ700, and actually remove seats.
It will certainly give you room to stretch out... there is also a cost saving aspect. 50 Seat or less aircraft only require 1 Flight Attendant!
djames225 comment was also about this day and age..more airlines trying to cram seats into an sardines in a tin can Ryanair.
I wish united airlines the best with this new service,new configurations and new aircraft..this is only on select routes however..everyone wants bigger seats and more amenities,so this is a start!
I have heard that the airlines will be removing the cushioned seats and installing folding chairs back to back where they can double the passenger capacity on the main deck.. Also, luggage compartments will be fitted with stacked cots and the luggage will be shipped by UPS in advance. Toilets will be eliminated and Lady J bottles will be handed out to each passenger. This saves more space for folding chairs. You will asked to bring your own peanuts and there will be a paiy for soda machines installed on the flight deck door. I think I'll take the Grayhound.
All jokes aside, a number of years ago, Southwest was looking at getting vertical seats to where you stand for the entire flight. They never did get it certified.
GoJet? That'll go well.
It Will Go Well!
Sorry United, but you did not appear in the top ten international airlines. Polaris seats are one reason. They, and United First, are like riding in a form fitting taco. If you can walk through a five foot doorway without ducking, you will be fine on United. The rest of us will be on Singapore.


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