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Sierra snow causes plane wheelie

Sierra snow, locally referred to as cement, added so much weight to the tail of this Citation X that it raised the aircraft nose over a period of hours. ( さらに...

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The owner left the plane unprotected during a blizzard due to a need for "service". Bet the owner wished they'd landed at Reno then drove to Truckee/Tahoe. That plane really needs service now.
I was thinking along the same lines. If the plane was handed off to maintenance then they failed to secure it either by tie down or control locks/ engine covers in anticipation of a huge storm! Especially since this model is inherently heavy when empty!
Tail Heavy that is.
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Not much one can do with any nose wheel AC as there are usually no way to tie the nose down. Jude Judys AC did the same last year. If you are around an airport much in the winter it happens all the time.
No, it doesn't. Living in Omaha and in close proximity to both KOMA, 3NO, and KMLE, I have never seen this happen, from a standing B757 down to a Skylane, and we've had snowstorms that felled power lines let alone knocked out power to more than half the city.
Just to satisfy a point of curiosity, what kind of damage can be expected/predicted from an event like this/
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Heavy 'Sierra cement' snow causes jet to pop a wheelie

Those aircraft, the engines are huge on them on the back, and last night we had blizzard-force winds plus that heavy snow. "

Snow from a series of deadly storms slamming California this week was so heavy it upended a jet at an airport in the Sierra Nevada on Wednesday, as "life-threatening" blizzard conditions are expected to slam the region through Thursday.

The Truckee Tahoe Airport said in a Facebook post that over 16 inches of heavy "Sierra Cement" snow fell from Tuesday night into Wednesday and pushed the tail of a Cessna Citation X plane close to the ground.

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You need to lighten up. laferrierem just quoted the article that the squawk refers to.
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Tailstand would do the job!
The issue isn't whether this can or does happen on a regular basis. The issue is that a multi-million dollar plane was left at a smaller airport, unprotected, when a blizzard was on the way. The blizzard was forecast 6 days in advance. Reno International is less than 50 miles. This is a stupid human's article.
The aircraft needed maintenance otherwise it would have been at another airport..
The question is when did the maintenance issue came up? If it was before landing, and not an emergency situation, then Tahoe-Truckee was the wrong airport to land at. There are minimal maintenance services at Tahoe-Truckee. Reno is an international airport, only 50 miles away, and has the staff to handle most maintenance issues. In all likelihood, the staff needed to perform the maintenance would have to have come to Tahoe-Truckee from Reno anyhow.


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