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“I feel very badly let down by Thomas Cook Airlines” Steward ‘tried to kick teen off plane because her strawberry allergy

Chloe Fitzpatrick, 19, claims a staff member refused to stop serving the drink even though it could trigger her life-threatening strawberry allergy A Thomas Cook flight attendant allegedly told a 19-year-old girl she’d have to disembark the plane and find an alternative way back from her holiday as her life-threatening strawberry allergy meant they couldn’t serve Magners cider to other passengers. ( さらに...

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Martin Allan 1
"PRET A MANGER" All over again. Once in the flight it was difficult for the crew and doctor present to save the young girls life. She died as a result and Thomas Cook should be more aware. We all have to make allowances and care for our fellows.
Mike Hindson-Evans 0
In August 2008, on a Palmair flight from Bournemouth to Rhodes, the cabin crew made an announcement asking no-one to open their packets of nuts because someone on board had a nut allergy; EVERYONE was happy to comply. And I am sure that a few hours without a particular alcoholic drink did not REALLY inconvenience anyone.

We are a society - sometimes you need to make allowances for the weaker members of society. the alternative is to let Darwinian improvement of the species carry on.
Rosemary May 0
Sad for her but not fair to other passengers and would have thought the drinks would be ok if not served to anyone close to her

nanoamp 0
Airborne anaphylaxis is rare, but possible If you or a relative were at risk, and in a plane cabin circulating air from people who 'would have thought it would be ok' you'd probably have a different view about what counts as fair.

Her film, mentioned in the article, is being shown in local schools to raise awareness and understanding of the realities of living with life-threatening allergy. I recommend it to you.


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