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More A-10s to get new wings, as Air Force officially launches ATTACK

The US Air Force has finally issued an official request for proposals for a program to manufacture new wings for its aging A-10 Thunderbolt attack aircraft. The deadline for proposals from would-be contractors is August 23. But the program will likely not be started before some of the Air Force's older A-10s have to be grounded, as a previous wing-replacement program (awarded to Boeing) has reached its end. The program, called the A-10 Thunderbolt Advanced Continuation Kit (abbreviated as… ( More...

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ADXbear 13
Fantastic news.. many people happy to see her alive.. go ugly wart hog go.. we love you
djames225 4
Amen to that..nothing like needing ground support and seeing 1 of those beautifully ugly brutes come flying out of the clouds..many an enemy, if not wounded physically, was wounded of pride with soiled undies after seeing the A-10 after them.
Richard Orgill 11
As a recipient of intense ground warfighting, I will always swear by the A-10 when they came on station. This old Marine thanks my fellow Vets from the Air Force and the 10 for saving our butts.

Lt. Colonel R. Orgill, USMC, Retired
bentwing60 6
Thank You for your service!
sharon bias 4
The Wart Hog does an excellent job of what it was designed to do. You don't need all the fancy electronics to spray the enemy with big bullets and drop bombs. Let the pilots point and fire.
sparkie624 3
I love that plane... Glad to see she is getting some new life...
Ed Boock 3
Seems like the Air Force will do anything to create obstacles and excuses for not repairing and properly maintaining the A-10 fleet. This effort is half-hearted at best. Nothing really comes close to the CAS capabilities this aircraft provides.
The troops on the ground have a clear preference for their CAS aircraft of choice. Why not listen to them for a change.
canuck44 4
I ca picture some Air Force brass waling in and telling Mattis they don't plan to move forward as quickly as he and the grunts would like. Should be a short cut to early retirement.
btweston -1
Because if you think about it critically, they aren’t qualified. They are very good at what they do, but conducting close air support and deciding which aircraft should carry out the mission is not what they do.
bentwing60 4
But they know what they want when they call for CAS. Don't be a moron since you don't do it. When was the last time you got shot at?
djames225 4
Are not qualified?? think boneheads who sit behind a desk instead of grunting it on the ground are more qualified??..incase you didn'y know it, close air support know know not of what you speak!
Kevin Haiduk 1
Ugly? I think it is beautiful and one of my first models that got me into aviation.

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djames225 5
WTH is a CAS drone going to do??..go down and buzz the enemy hoping they leave??..yes it's shown drones can drop bombs, 1 at a time, but after attempting to drop 1, they get shot out of the sky..give your head a shake.
joel wiley 4
If you have any acquaintances that have combat arms experience, ask them this "If you were under hostile fire, would you prefer a cheaper CAS Drone or a Warhog to come to your assistance?" If they prefer the latter, I suggest you provide them your arguments as to why they are wrong.

(Make sure your medical insurance is in effect)
btweston 2
Don’t feed the troll.


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