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World's longest flight is set to get longer thanks to this Airbus jet

The Ultra Long Range version of the A350 XWB - due to take on the world's longest flight - has successfully completed its first mission. ( More...

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El Kabong 20
Hate to be a negative Nancy on this, but I'd rather deal with connections than to be stuck in a tube in coach for 20 hours.
scott8733 5
Agreed- particularly if Singapore ever gets wind of 'basic economy', LOL.
Jesse Carroll 2
My cardiologist advises me NOT to make long flights unless I can get up and walk around every hour or so! Thus, I cannot make my dream fishing trip to the Barrier Reef without making 2 or 3 stops!
Does the new aircraft have rooms to lock the drunks and screaming spoiled brats in? Just saying!
So would I!
Henry Matias 1
Enjoy the extra 10 hours added to the 20 when you consider the time spent checking into and waiting for the extra connecting flights.
Jesse Carroll 1
I do!
Henry Matias 1
Then your flight will take you 30 hours to complete with the extra flights.
Henry Matias -2
Are you insane or american. I know they love to transfer you around when you should do one flight instead. Whats the brain wash word.... Hubs!
Why would you want to sit in an Airport lounge not moving waiting for your connections, why wouldn’t you rather be sitting in a seat progressing your flight.
Anthony Izzo 4
Not sure why the hostility here - but to answer your question, because airport lounges allow you to move more than an airplane cabin would? Plus a connection - say in NRT for this example - would only add about 4-6 hours to the trip even with a have a 2 hr layover. I'd vote for the layover any day.
Jesse Carroll 2
Because we are making America Great Again! Tired of being cattle and sheep for the airlines who want to pack us in like sardines! Obliviously you must be a small bodied person! Or at least a short legged one!..LOL
SoNic67 11
Closed in 20 hours in a aluminum can together with a couple hundreds of people? Tortured in a small economy seat?

My longest non-stop flight economy class was 14 hours and... never again!
mariofer 15
Never mind fuel capacity, that thing cannot carry enough Scotch for me to do a 20 hour leg.
Jim Nasby 7
LOL, while it didn’t need new fuel tanks no one said anything about Scotch tanks!
Alex Ferris 3
Singapore Airlines used to do this route until around 2013 or so. It was in an A340-500 and it was all business class, the plane had only 100 seats. If they introduce this route again im sure they will fit the plane with nothing but business class seats again.
getting close
I’d rather have another dental implant.
Henry Matias -2
No....let’s do hubs.... on, off, on, off instead!
Knikwind 3
I flew Seoul to LA for about 12 hours in coach with a unhappy grandson. Not a good time. Now if I could ever afford First or even business class...
Jeffrey Bue 3
Impressive to say the least!
Ken Hardy 5
No big deal, nothing like sitting in a middle seat next to someone who only takes a bath once or twice a month and has bad teeth
Ed Sal 1
Holy cr**!!
Maybe the carrier should provide insured compensation for such exigencies! Plus fine the offending person to offset such cost. Such passengers are the bane of civilized life.
Leon Kay 2
It very much depends the Airline you're on. My wife and I have flown several very good flights from Johannesburg to Florida that take about 25 hours (including a short layover)
A 15 hour flight on Singapore Airlines was good considering the very good & friendly service they provided.
After having flown Air France earlier this month I don't think we could handle another 5 hour flight with them considering the poor, if not outright rude service received.
Mohammed ali 2
good very good
paul gilpin 2
most long hauls don't want to do flights like this because of fuel economy. not of the engines, but because they are hauling so much dead weight in fuel. it simply is not fuel efficient to carry that much more dead weight.
as for the layover. if you want to fly from beijing to sal palo, probably the longest possible route, given the shape of the marble. there is an american flight that departs beijing/DFW. departs DFW/sal palo. if you do the distance calculation vs air speed, you can only surmise that there is a one hour layover for this long haul. also, it is nothing for some airlines to do mid-route layovers crossing the pacific, just so they don't have to haul all that extra weight of fuel.
if i were gonna guess, i'd say this singapore/NYC route is a once a week thing.
soon to be once a month.
Henry Matias -3
Yah, let’s only fill the tanks half way and give the people a ride of their lives.... on, off, on, off... very American and inconvenient. I’d rather be in a seat moving me towards my destination then one at the airport standing still and waiting for my next flight.
Chris B 1
NY to Singapore has been officially announces....

Overcoming jet lag will take forever....
With most of the airlines opting out of first class for a larger business class I for one will not take this flight. Even a 13/14 hour flight on American Airlines was barely endurable. As 90% of all my flights are over the Pacific and in Asia I will opt to stay over night in Japan or Korea if I have to.
Linda Allman 1
Maybe they should call it the Orient Express.
James Simms 1
Flew a MAC charter Northwest Orient 747 from Oakland to Yokota AFB once. 13 hours w/400 military dependents, crying baby’s, & service personnel. The only other similar flight was a C141 from Torrejon AFB to Saudi Arabia w/ a mid air refueling going over for Desert Shield/Desert Storm.. Coming back was on an ex-Flying Tigers 747 w/a stop in Ftankfort, then onwTd to Philadelphia.
Look up the time in the air on one mission.for some of the B52s during The Cold War in the 50s and 60s.
Mark Kentwell 1
To all you "poor buggers" in the states that believe anything over 8 hours is torture, us Aussies would welcome anything that makes the trip "up North" faster with fewer hassles. Having to get on & off and sit in a transit lounge is no picnic, I'd rather take another sleep/scotch and watch a movie than have to go through the hassle of transfer... even worse when its a different plane to take you the next leg.
Henry Matias -3
Thank you.....what’s with these folks wanting transfers??? Are you kidding me, why would you want to sit in a seat at an airport not moving instead of one that is progressing your journey.
used to fly the Houston Express to Luanda, Angola for 6 years, 15 hours in Business Class, every 28 days, even in Business every thing starts to hurt after 15 hours. I am sure I heard on the news United is going to fly the same route, with a normal seat figuration , can you imagine 16 hours of abuse in a 4-4-4 :-) with 200 sheep in the back.
Ed Sal 1
Given the duration of the flight, it MUST be incumbent on the carrier to mandate the wearing of, and provide, compression socks to each passenger.
Maybe also emergency defibrillator/basic food-poisoning and allergy antidotes administered by well-trained staff.
Joe Ardagna 3
Great points. As you have outlined, the airlines already has a significant level of responsibility for the safety of its passengers without these additional and very real complications that can occur.
Henry Matias 0
You sound like your getting too old to fly!
20 or 8 is the same if you got circulation problems
Chris Cashman 0
Why does the photo of the plane look like it's from the 1980's and hasn't been washed for awhile?
Kyle Beller 2
because its in testing. think about it.
Jeffrey Ady -1
Because (1) It's an AirBUS and (2) they can't afford to paint the thing, prototype that it is. The nose looks like something from an A400...
Kyle Beller 2
pretty sure they can afford to paint it if they felt it was necessary.
Chris B 1
That's the way all airbus come out of the factory before painting. Boeings are moldy green color
Mohammed ali -1


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