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Boeing’s Bid to Buy Embraer Could See Brazilian Engineers Work On the 797

According to people involved with the history, Boeing took serious looks alternately at Embraer and at its Canadian rival Bombardier over the past 18 years. Its renewed move on Embraer could herald the acquisition of engineering talent to work on its next new jet, the 797. ( さらに...

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canuck44 3
I doubt the Brazilian government will cede control of a valuable industry with a relatively bright future. They have been going through national turmoil in an attempt to clean up corruption and turning over Embraer to foreigners would be highly suspicious.
Boeing on the other hand needs to fill the smaller aircraft line now that Airbus can market the C-series. It is easier and faster to absorb a mature product than to develop their own. The bonus will be the acquisition of a talented engineering team that undoubtedly will be compensated much less than those in Seattle.
That's Boeing's goal: Non-union workers, paid as little as possible. Boeing won't be any different than Airbus. Foreign aircraft are foreign aircraft.
canuck44 1
Airbus Brazil is thoroughly unionized as is Bombardier in Canada and Northern Ireland.. This only adds a bargaining chip for the companies in that they can move union work across borders to non-union facilities.
Boeing wants as little work done by union workers as possible. That's why they fly aircraft across the country daily, to get non-union workers to complete those aircraft. So, getting production out of the United States works in achieving that goal. Boeing doing this will move them closer to being like Anheuser-Busch, where they won't really be much of an American company anymore.
Man. Someone just stop the consideration of all aircraft companies into Boeing and Airbus... the world is bigger than that...
I meant "consolidation".
Don't you just hate it when your fingers stutter? ;-)


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