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Alaska Airbus to End Los Angeles-Havana Flights

Alaska Airlines will discontinue its daily Los Angeles-Havana flight on 22 January, roughly one year after the carrier launched the route. ( さらに...

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Was there a typo in the headline? "Alaska Airbus?"
dee9bee 0
Freudian slip :-) AS didn't have many flights in there anyway, did they? Recent hurricanes give them the excuse they were looking for to make for the door.
No.. a weak demand in what was to be a HOT destination is the excuse... Everyone is pulling the plug on Cuba.. It may be a stronger market in 5-10 years but the honeymoon is over and airlines are moving their aircraft off Cuba markets and to markets they can actually make $$$ on.
I have friends in CUBA. I illegally went to visit my friends in their quaint but comfortable home. It is forbidden to travel about freely. Don t fall for the freedom BS. The Cuban government forbids the free movement of tourists outside of the fancy white hotels on a beautiful beach. Reality ist verboten. They quietly referred to the place as a "prison". If we had been caught I shudder at the thought after reading the memoirs of HEROS OF THE HANOI HILTON. They were frequently tortured by these cowards from CUBA.I have never returned to that imprisoned island and yes Fidel's goons wear mirrored sunglasses and look as menacing since they bathed in cheap cologne and you can see the outline of a Tokarev Russian pistol's menacing outline. I think it will take another 40 years to grow up and out of the PTSD by simply living there. I secretly communicate with my friends with people who will deliver things to them. Anything going through the Post Office will likely be stolen. You can find honest people who will deliver things free of charge to the Cubans. They are a great people. You can find your own contact on the internet and kind of adopt a family privately and help them more than any money grubbing aid scam from internationally recognized groups like the UN. Look how we fixed Haiti. NOT! More aid gets in via corporate aviation than a freighter.
We gone there several times for the Hemingway Tournament. Always treated well, no overly curious military. Travelled all the way down to Isle of Youth to fish on the southern side, no military patrol boats - nothing except friendly people.
The poor bloody Cubans have less than nothing and you are more interested in a typo. These people eke out a living on the fringes of the tourist industry. You have strange priorities. You are 90 miles from this Marxist nightmare. Help somebody else for a change.


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