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Philadelphia Phillies Charter Plane Has a Close Call at KPHL.

It wasn't bad enough that they lost the championship series, but tragedy almost struck when the club's Delta-Owned 747 was guided in by traffic control onto a runway that had an outgoing plane on it! ( More...

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Jeff Lawson 0
You can see the go-around and final landing in their flight's tracklog if you zoom in around KPHL: []
pfp217 0
I listened to the LiveATC feed...the media is playing alot more drama in this that really happened. It sounds like an AA MD80 had taxi'd beyond where it was cleared. The DL 747 was given a go-around. It happens all the time.
WOW is the perfect comment, but one of the pilots beat me to that word....
Robbie Sherman 0
Stuff like this happens all of the time, especially at night. A go-around is hardly news.
Bill Halpin 0
OMG an airliner done a go-around! The government needs to waste millions of dollars and investigate why an airliner had to do a go-around. Give me a break it's the news media once again creating news IMHO.
Peter Wine 0
I do believe it had more to do in my area with the entire local ballteam on the plan more than anything.
cmp5n 0
Does anyone who is savior with LIveATC have a recording of the clearance given to American 1209 before the recording on starts? That would seem to be the real question - was American 1209 given clearance to depart or "Line up and wait" with Delta 8891 on short final? Or was American 1209 just slow in taking the active?
warmwynds 0
The local philly news and weather is pathetic. Of course anyone who views these morons read the news for us knows it all too well. There makeovers didn't help either. Now if they could just stay away from the Jersey shore................Oh yeah, go arounds do happen in most large airport's espeecially at night. Good Night!
Peter Wine 0
Jeez warm, way to be a positive person. Keep up with the prozac.
pfp217 0
I think Warm is right though..not neccesarily about the news channel, I've never seen their programming, but it does happen all the time, and it seems to be sensationalism on their part.
Ed McCoy 0
I'd like for someone to name a single news media outlet that DOESN'T feed off sensationalism. Especially when it comes to Aviation reporting. They make their money by scaring people who will sit for hours and watch their programming. Related, I was on the south side of 27R waiting for them to arrive. Got to listen and watch it all happen right in front of me. The MD80 crew was dicking around short of the runway when they were told to get in position. Not that it's anything new with an American MD80 crew. They are notorious to the controlling community for not operating their aircraft on the ground in an expeditious manner. Anyway, by the time they were starting to roll on the runway the Delta was indeed a lot closer then when the Local controller told them to LUAW. Well of course the Delta 74 looked close to them. That's because in the time they were already suppose to be on 27R he gained some ground on them. Most of the news outlets are making it sound like it's the local controllers fault. The fault is completely with the AA Maddog crew 1. They were not operating in a expeditious manner after the controller gave them a precise instruction which if had been done on time they would have wound up wheels up with the Delta 74 1.5 out for 27R. 2. The MD80 crew should have voiced their concern before sitting quiet short of 27R while the 74 ate up 2 valuable miles.

/end rant
cmp5n 0
That's exactly what I thought probably happened when I first heard this. Thanks Ed McCoy
Geoff Cook 0
All due respect to Mr Chapman - the union rep.. His comment - it is just another plane we dont know who is on it I think is incorrect. - The controller on duty will know exactly who is on board in the case of this flight. It's not as if Delta 747s are common at PHL, and the flight number would alert him to. The Patriots fly out of Providence (PVD) for their road trips.. It isnt unusual for a controller to ask the captain to wish The Patriots good luck, as he hands off the flight to departure.
dmanuel 0
Not knowing PHL traffic, but following on Geoff’s observation that 747s are rare, the AA crew may have perceived the large aircraft was closer than it actually was. Additionally, if there was even the slighted proximity concern, the controller would not have offered (in a calm, unhurried manner) a side step option.
Will Butcher 0
Too much ado, about very little. Everybody should just cool their jets and go back to their recreational drinks of choice.
JetChaser 0
Bottoms up!


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