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WestJet to Purchase 10 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners

WestJet announced today a definitive purchase agreement with The Boeing Company for up to 20 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft. This agreement includes commitments for 10 Boeing 787-9 aircraft to be delivered between the first quarter of 2019 and December 2021, with options for an additional 10 aircraft to be delivered between 2020 and 2024. The airline also announced it has selected General Electric's GEnx-1B engine for the 787. ( さらに...

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Bev and like the 767 because of the 232 seating: no 3rd person to climb over or to climb over you. Our first 787 flight was not dreamy at all; no pitch,narrow seats, defective entertainment, just another cramped ACA flight. I could care less about the 20% improvement in fuel use, the 767 is an older aircraft but it cruises about the same nauts. West Jet id not a low cost airline. Check any web site and for the same flight destination from the same departure site the prices are identical with ACA hardly a low cost airline (Rouge and Jazz included). Our foreign ownwrship regulations prevent competitive domestic competition. Qantas had to drop their fares dramatically when Richard Branson moved in with Virgin.
The comments were not about comfort - and I also prefer the 767 layout - but about the terrible reliability experienced by WJ with the ex-Qantas birds. Google westjet 767 delays and have a great read!Those ex-Qantas aircraft are dogs; must have had difficulty acclimatising to Canadian weather ;-{). Also, if one reads the WestJet announcement closely, it seems that there was some horse trading going on as this deal includes WJ being allowed to push some new 737 MAXs scheduled for 19-21 to 22-24
Well they just had to provide some degree of hope and trust to its long haul clients that the terribly performing ex-Qantas 767s have a projected end of life!
Great news. Now if only Air Canada Rouge would get rid of their troubled 767s and do the same.
I think AC Rouge is looking at buying the ex-Qantas birds from WestJet and adding 24 more seats! ! ! ;-{)
While the ex-Qantas 767s have had their well-documented reliability issues, they were able to demonstrate that there was a market for the routes they were operating. WJ were certainly cautious in their expansion beyond their core market: chartering 757s for service to Hawaii, starting transatlantic services with the 737 from YYT, and then the four 767s. I am not at all surprised by this latest announcement.
I am not aware of the problems with 767s purchased from Qantas. I have never flown WJ but have flown at least 25 times on 767s, the first in 1996 from YYZ to Hawai. None were delayed nor did any have mechanical problems. WJ obviously didn't do their homework if they bought crappy aircraft.


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