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Porsche Cayenne pulls Airbus A380 to set Guinness World Record

The Porsche Cayenne is now officially a Guinness World Record holder – the German SUV has taken the crown of heaviest aircraft pulled by a production car during a recent publicity stunt at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. The new record was set using a standard £66,676 Cayenne S Diesel, which makes use of a 4.1-litre V8 twin-turbo producing 380bhp, but more importantly, 850Nm of torque. With those figures it was able to tug a colossal, 285 tonne, 516 seat, 73 metres long Airbus A380 supplied by… ( More...

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Martin Haisman 19
For sale one used Porsche Cayenne excellent overall condition needs gearbox repair and burnt turbo seals.
Chris B 10
Warranty repair was rejected due to owner abuse. It lasted all of 42 meters before burning up.
lynx318 1
and a very stretched tow-bar. As towballs here in Australia are rated at 3500Kg that little hunk of metal deserves a record too.
Jack Carson 4
Pulling it out is one thing. Now I would like to see him back it back into the hanger.
Michael Lewis 4
Touareg did this with a 747...

Porsche or Air France will keep it as a trophy :)
Brian martin 2
So whats the big deal Chevey has been doing this for decades!!
nszonker 0
Perhaps need to check the math: tonne= metric ton = 1000 kg = 2204 lbs. So 285 tonnes is more like 627,000 lb., vs 460,000 lb. for the 747. Not to mention truck vs. SUV.
Guy Lessard 2
..OH my god ..!in the fourth picture the driver does not wear an helmet... After all ..stunts like this must be tremendously dangerous ...Lol
These cars are not designed to pull anything bigger than a 737
Porsche then had to admit the Porsche Cayenne diesel could only break the record with illegal emissions cheating software installed.
WTF cares? They've had A/C tow vehicles for decades that cost much less. A VW could probably do the same, lol.
Jay Ostertag 1
Reminds me of the Space Shuttle that was moved supposedly by a Toyota Tundra from LAX to it's final resting spot in a huge ad campaign.
Charles Adams 1
"supposedly"? It was a fake?
Jay Ostertag 0
I don't know that anyone but Toyota knows for sure. Was it only a block? or the whole trip? or.....?
Charles Adams 0
Now every time I need to pull an A380 around I know I can use my Porsche diesel. Think I will drive out to DFW later today and find one to lug around. Just think of the new world this open up for hijackers too. As well as OJ style slow speed pursuits.


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