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jets scramble to protect Palm Beach no fly zone

Sonic boom makes local news as military jet investigate no fly zone. Residents panic due to loud noise ( さらに...

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Big deal! This happens when ever some idiot doesn't read the NOTAMs and flies his mixmaster into a prohibited area.
F-15's from the 482nd Fighter Wing at Homestead ARS do fly low, but rarely fly supersonic. They have been the first responders to any and all activity from JAX to EYW. These are USAF Reservists.
Correction F-16's
linbb 2
Our military protecting the USA great to know we have them thanks to all.
btweston -3
Yes. Thank God we have F-15s flying around whenever someone farts near the emperor's secret clubhouse.
lot of anger there btweston, typical liberal i guess.....
bentwing60 -1
Kinda nice to know we still have some runnin, no thanks to the king, who by all appearances has returned to the one endeavor he excels at, the division of the nation, via "community organizing". Seems he's the first "ex" in modern times to have vacated the office, moved to the big house next door, and built a "wall" around it. But then, if he moved back to Chicago he'd have to ride in an armored car to get to the golf course. Remember the 1'st amendment, it works both ways, and for those who so vociferously protest the fact, I ardently support and practice the "2'nd". And I still like what's left of GA.
Gives the AF something to do! :o)
About the only thing different from the number of other similar incidents seems be they went supersonic over some neighborhoods.

I noticed: Broward Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Joy Oglesby said the noise "most likely came from military planes."' as if there is a whopping lot of supersonic capable civilian aircraft in So. Fla.
Tom Pera 1
F15s from 159th in Jacksonville?? Routine to declare "no fly zone" over presidents location... Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump...they all get this protection...
More than likely 125th Fighter Wing (FLANG) F-15s, Jacksonville, FL, from their operating location at Homestead Air Reserve Base where they have alert birds ready to scramble. They've flown out of OL-AA for years. A good friend's father flew F-106s with 125th FIG years ago. A great bunch of folks protecting our skies!
i lived close by the reno airport many years ago,and every weekend the air national guard did practice runs..sonic booms and noise ,apart from regular commercial traffic was the kind of got used to it! any case,love him or hate him,there are always no fly zones around the presidents "non white house" homes..difference here is our current president has the new York penthouse and the florida golf resort,so its twice the protection required and twice the money..
Second incident
Wow, pity the poor pilot who decided to fly up or down the coast for a sightseeing flight and gets caught up in His Majesty's paranonia!
"Thirteen years after the 9/11 attacks, military aircraft are scrambling more than once a week, on average, to intercept civilian planes that stray into restricted airspace, military statistics show." Has nothing to do with the current occupant of AF1 and everything to do with standard operations.
So the whiney little b**ch constantly complained about normal air traffic out PBI , never mind he bought the place and should have known the airport was there. But it's OK to subject the wider population to sonic booms to "protect" the Commisar's secret club. Don't recall any supersonic flights in Texas, or Hawaii, or Martha's Vineyard during the previous 2 presidencies. Just wait until May Day when his boss Putin commands him to have intimidating flyovers up and down both of the dastardly blue coastlines. The new american shock and awe.
dougie,hillary lost, no madam president, every president gets the same protection, get over it
Lewie, I think we all know HRC lost, 'whiney little b**ch' isn't gender specific.
Thank you for celebrating Presidents' Day by exercising your first Amendment rights.


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