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Plane crashes on to road in Italy after overshooting Bergamo airport runway

The cargo plane, a Boeing 737 belonging to DHL couriers, crashed after landing in apparent bad weather. ( More...

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jbqwik 3
This link is more informative. Thanks.
What ? This wasn't DELTA ?

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Give the journo's a break, he isn't apparently, an aircraft expert like you. Tomorrow he probably will be reporting on a ship crashing into a wharf or a lion escaping from a zoo. Their job is just to inform the basic if you want more then donate some money to that fine Aviation News that's where enthusiasists like you can fill your boots.

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jbqwik 1
I agree with your premise if not exactly the wording. Journalism in general and journalists specifically have taken a real drubbing, what with waning newspaper sales and the advent of the Internet of Things (You Too! can be a YouTube star). And there are other factors, as well, such as social media which encourages second and third hand repeat and 'me too' postings.
Given all of this it comes as no surprise to me, then, but no less disappointing.
Fortunately, there are still a few news organization that strive to hold a high level of professionalism, for example AW&ST.
Agree, but AW&ST is a specialist news organisation specialising in Aviation, Space e.t.c. The poor fellow above was writing for the guardian. The most he probably knows about aircraft is when his boss tells him to get the cheapest seats he can and fly and do a story on an escaped tiger from the zoo. If you want the nitty gritty you buy a specialist piece of news. I really can't see the problem with what the Guardian reported. If it was to go into more details and specifics, non aviation types would be saying, my God, I didn't want a paper about flying, where's my paper about boating:-)
jbqwik 2
Point well taken.
To jbqwik thanks for that, you have a good day.


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