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Air Asia plane comes within 150m of colliding with Jetstar flight

An Air Asia A330 Airbus, the type of aircraft involved in the near-miss with Jetstar. ... Air Asia plane comes within 150m of colliding with Jetstar flight. ... AN INQUIRY is under way into a hair-raising near miss in which an Air Asia plane taking off from the Gold Coast came dangerously .. ( More...

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Go it. Thank you.
joel wiley 1
Another site
Aaron Coghill 1
local newspaper site:
linbb 1
So 450 FEET
More info would be nice
Ian Deans 1
Don't rely on the Herald-Sun for accurate and comprehensive reporting on things like this. That paper is just a rubbishy gossipy tabloid rag......I know, I live in Melbourne where it is published.
Roger Hallett 1
This requires a subscription to the HeraldSun to read. Not helpful.
Aaron Coghill 1
sorry. i googled it an it came up. I have no subscription to the paper.
is there a reason why this doesn't read 'Jetstar flight comes within 150 metres of Air Asia X flight'. OK to classify as a near miss but it was almost 800' vertical separation minimum and 1000' lateral distance and never in danger of collision. Having said that I wouldn't want to see it happen too often.
joel wiley 1
An example of a type of journalism that stresses sensationalism over accuracy. Another poster refers to the publication as 'just a rubbishy gossipy tabloid rag'
greg mu 1
Of course there is a reason... It's a report in a News "Limited", Murdoch publication... They have no use for fair, unbiased reporting.
So ... If the reported information is 100% factual ... Could the responsibility of fault be with ... Air Asia X / Jetstar ... or ... Traffic Controllers at Cold Coast Airport ?
Maybe the reason Air Asia comes before Jetstar is that it's alphabetical, come on people you read too much into these things. We naturally put A before J.
Alphabetical listings are irrelevant to my comments. Yes ... Air Asia X did lose a plane between Surabaya and Singapore ... a tragedy. However ... there is fault and error to be clarified in a bid to avert further occurrences. Maybe Jetstar or traffic controllers are at faujlt. Hopefully the oncoming inquiry will reveal the facts.
Lawrence Green, I think you misunderstood what I meant about A before J.I wasn't replying to your comment, I was replying to the people who were asking why Air Asia was being written first instead of Jetstar. I am not making any comment about fault simply about how the article was written and that writers will naturally put something beginning with A before J. I think when the journalist wrote the article, he was just writing it as news and not as a factual report apportioning blame. No doubt when the results of the investigation come, they will say the Guilty aircraft (name) infringed on the air space of and then the name of the innocent party. I hope this makes sense. I don't know who was at fault neither did the reporter hence the use of alphabetical order. God I seem to have written gone with the wind here trying to explain myself:-) Have a good and safe day.


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