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Incident: Jetairfly B787 at Brussels on May 1st 2016, gear problem

A Jetairfly Boeing 787-800, registration OO-JDL performing flight TB-705 from Brussels (Belgium) to Cancun (Mexico), was climbing out of Brussels' runway 07R when the crew requested to stop the climb at FL070 advising of a technical problem with the gear. The aircraft continued in the general direction of the departure route, the crew subsequently decided to return to Brussels ( さらに...

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Funny what causes this type of problem. While I have never worked on a 787, and it has been decades since I have worked on any aircraft. I would bet the problem traced to a small switch on the landing gear that tells the plane if the gear is fully extended as it would be after take off or if the plane is on the ground and the gear compressed. This switch probably cost less than two dollars today and is the last thing mechanics think about. Unless this switch has fooled you before.
It's hard to conceive of any part on a modern aircraft costing less than $2.
It's a limit switch it should not cost any more than that. Forty years ago the price shown for the ones on a c141 were just over a dollar. Of course today with all the secifications which brought us the $600 hammer. Who knows what it cost today. On the open market the same switch without the specifications s probably cost $0.40.
There is no such thing as a B-787-800, it's a -8...
You expect accurate reports from a reporter?


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