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US DOT nearing decision on Qantas-American alliance

The US Department of Transportation looks to be nearing a decision on Qantas and American Airlines’ application to expand their existing alliance on trans-Pacific routes. While the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and New Zealand government have both given the tie-up the green light, the US DOT is still reviewing the application and in November 2015 asked the two carriers to supply more information regarding city-pairs, market shares and other data. The US DOT said in a… ( さらに...

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Take a look at what happened when Qantas tried this with Air NZ it failed some how Emirates saved them as a co sharer. Qantas has sustained a loss in the American routes and are considering stopping KDFW TO KJFK if things don't improve. Usinf the B744'S is very costly and flying them to and from this route economy is only a quarter full competitors are at each others throats on the US aviation seen.


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