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Vent the Engine

Are you in the category of pilots who park the airplane, lock it up and leave as soon as you land from a flight? You may want to take some time to hang out with your aerial chariot for a while after it gets you safely on the ground. ( さらに...

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Ruger9X19 15
No, just no. Your oil tank is vented so just operating at temp for a good half hour will remove all the moisture from the system. Do not remove the cap and risk forgetting to reinstall it for literally no benefit. Leaving the cap off also increases the opportunity for a foreign object to enter your oil system. This is bad advise I expect better from Flying.
Couldn't agree more. I might go as far as suggesting that FA remove this article from the Squawk list, not only is it bad advice but there are several inaccuracies in the article itself...
I like the part about the steam evaporating, thus causing corrosion.
linbb 1
Umm think ever who did the piece needs to find another job. I think he means condenses and forms moisture.
Also remember to swap out your summer air for winter air
If it's not in the POH, or the engine manufacturer's handbook under procedures or recommdations then it does not exist. If however, the engine manufacturer ok's this in writing then I don't see why not.
linbb 1
And just think of the crap that can get inside your engine. Mice love to find homes and just think you could have a ground up mouse in your oil. Running multi weight oil also helps prevent moisture buildup in car engines.
Pileits 1
Looks to me like just another dim bulb journalist filling printed matter with foolish blabber.
jbqwik 1
This article could have had a bit of merit but there's too much misinformation; the writer couldn't possibly have researched it.
Old farmer's wisdom: "If you aren't going to run it for 10 minutes or more, don't start it up."
I am really thinking this is a truly horrible idea, sounds like an NTSB report in the making to me. Maybe I should charm snakes just before takeoff and spread holy water in the cabin..... Surely this is from the Daily Onion News?
I do vent by pulling the dipstick up about an inch and hanging it on a clamp that is co-located. But I only do this when parking in my hanger. I have nose plugs in and leave oil filler door down.Sometimes I am quite a while between flights. I never do it when out of town. Have never had any of the oil/water mixture gunk form under the cap. I figure it can't hurt. That said, if you jump in your plane without checking the oil cap when you have been away from the plane you definitely shouldn't entertain venting. Lol
jbqwik 2
The "gunk" typically is caused by moisture mixing with oil. Normal flight operation the engine oil gets hot enough for *long enough* that this natural phenomenon is evaporated.
I know what the gunk is Einstein. Apparently you never rented a trainer.
jbqwik 2
I'm no Einstein, that's for sure


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