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40 Years Ago: Braniff Rolls-Out the Alexander Calder Designed "Spirit of the United States" Boeing 727

Four decades ago to celebrate the nation's bicentennial, Braniff Flying Colors took a patriotic twist with Alexander Calder's "Spirit of the United States" Boeing 727 aircraft. ( さらに...

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jchpa32 1
I am proud to say that I flew on the Calder Flying Colors of the United States 722 when I was 9 years old. I know the story of ship 408 intimately and share it with anyone who will listen so it won't be forgotten.
I was a passenger on the Calder 72, and more Braniff aircraft than I could possibly remember. It was an extremely sorry sight to arrive at DFW and see all those aircraft parked around their terminal like so much lost luggage. Many happy memories on those flights - including stewardesses uniforms that gave this then adolescent young man lots of smiles.
Not only were Calder painted Braniff aircraft icons of the day, so was the 727. With over 1800 delivered, the only other airliner produced in greater numbers in this country is the 737 and they aren't nearly as attractive to many. Including me!

It was an honor and a true pleasure just to fly for the Braniff commuter airline RIO AIRWAYS with DFW as our hub. We fed many passengers from the smaller communities to connect globally out of that super hub.
bentwing60, I grew up in a house that was about 2 miles north of the approach pattern for DAL - and still remember my time climbing trees to watch the first 727s on their landing patterns. Agreed: the 707 and the 727 were (are?) what defines great aircraft design to me. On a recent trip to ORD, I was AMAZED to not see a single 747. The world she is a-changing...
A great guy named Bob Mills was a senior captain for Braniff on Fat Albert, the 747SP that went to HNL several times a week. I worked on his cars back in the day and was thinkin about taking flying lessons. He encouraged me, and I did!


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