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Passengers complain of 12-hour wait on tarmac

Hundreds of air travelers landed in San Francisco, safe but irritated after a 28-hour overseas flight they say included 12 hours on a tarmac in the Middle East without food or accurate flight information. ( さらに...

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s2v8377 2
Sounds almost as bad as flying Spirit ;)
someone screwed up!
You would think that Etihad at their home airport would have a better SOP for passenger comfort during a weather delay. They hold themselves out as a super premium airline, but when normal operations are not possible they act like any other government agency, and let the public suffer.

All the PR surrounding the "Residence" on the A380 and the A350 with its "rich Corinthian leather" comes to naught when a little fog rolls in. I bet those SFO passengers could have advised them about the fog.

The US had to use legislation and huge fines to stop extended stays on the ground, including meals and water. The airlines were just not going to do it on their own. Etihad has proven they need direction from government, because the CEO has not empowered managers to act toward travelers with the courtesy embedded in desert cultures.

Next time open the door and let the people wait in the terminal, and set up the lavish buffet so people stepping off the flight will have positive comments about Etihad's level of service.


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