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Four Accused of Trespassing at FAA Tower in Pennsylvania

State police say four young men who broke into a Federal Aviation Administration air traffic navigation tower in Snyder County on Sunday morning and shut down an aviation aid weren’t trying to disrupt air traffic. ( More...

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Gary Roberts 3
Hmmmmm.......Michael J. Ede, 20, is a West Point Academy cadet.

For how much longer, I wonder?
paul trubits 1

joel wiley 1
"unlocked door"? Someone will be looking into that. But why does the transmitter shut down on unauthorized entry?
Seems like a rational feature to me, in case the unauthorized person tampered with the equipment. Better to not transmit at all than to transmit erroneous information.
Bernie20910 1
Also helps to prevent damage to the equipment in case of tampering.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Bernie20910 1


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