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Man dies on Air France flight diverted to Halifax

An Air France Airbus A380 — the world's largest passenger airliner — was diverted to Halifax on Thursday after a passenger died on the plane. The plane was travelling from Paris to New York when a 58-year-old American man was found dead, according to Nova Scotia RCMP. ( さらに...

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Sorry for your loss and for the other families of those who died on that flight.
I don't know why they would divert. If the passenger was in medical distress and needed immediate hospitalisation, yes of course. But this person was deceased. There was no indication of a crime having been committed so why cause an expensive landing, delays and inconvenience to the other passengers and a nightmare of bureaucracy by depositing a dead American in Canada when, in another hour or so, they would have been in New York?
They may have diverted if there was not a doctor on board to make that call.

Otherwise, I would think that they would probably have to treat it like they did, a medical emergency. If they didn't, they would probably open themselves to liability.


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