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Suicide by Airplane: It’s Rare, But It Happens

The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 over the South China Sea last March is one of aviation’s greatest mysteries, and may never be solved. One possibility raised by Malaysian police officials is that it was the deliberate act of a suicidal pilot. If so, it wouldn’t be the first time that has occurred. Writing in the latest issue of Aviation, Space and Environmental Medicine, Alpo Vuorio of the Mehiläinen Airport Health Centre in Finland and colleagues took a systematic look at past… ( More...

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btweston 4
Well, since the suicide theory is supported by the exact same amount of evidence as alien abduction and trans-dimensional teleportation, I'm going to go with the aliens because they have laser beams. Teleportation is pretty rad though, so it's a toss up, really.
Bernie20910 2
You're completely discounting the time warp theory then?
btweston 3
Trans-dimensional teleportation sounds much more technical.
Mike Oxlong is at it again. Everywhere he goes he leaves behind a trail of destructive and negative comments. I guess he balances out all those who have something constructive and positive to contribute.
Bernie20910 2
With a score of -24 no one was seeing his comment... until you brought it up. Ever hear the phrase, "Let sleeping dogs lie?"
Well, you have a point. However, it wasn't 24 when I made my comment. I was just making an observation, right or wrong.
preacher1 3
Well, even though the Egyptian government denied it, the Egypt Air turned out to be pretty much a no brainer. As for MAS370, one of the theories out there is that the captain was upset at the government jailing the opposition leader on a trumped up and kinda took the plane out the way he did while negotiating with government authorities. Government didn't budge, he flew South, and either deliberately crashed it or tried to get to Australia for asylum. Not my exact feeling but it's as good as anything out there.
steve rogers 2
killing or committing suicide by plane alone is one thing , this wasn't suicide it was murder , he took down a whole bunch of people with him .
steve rogers 1
it is very strange that in this day and age a plane would go down without a trace , not so much as a Dixie cup has been found floating , something should have washed up ashore by now , its like it went down intact and sitting at the bottom of the sea like a submarine, most suicidal people like an audience , if that's the case , this guy failed , so im not so sure about that theory .
bbabis 3
Plenty of things have been found floating, just not directly traceable to the plane. That's a huge area and ocean currents don't always allow things to wash ashore. Even if they did, the probable shores are very sparsely populated if populated at all. Penguins may be using some items in their nests now. Who knows? Planes have disappeared in lakes with no trace. Here we are talking about the ocean. Technology and luck are our best chances to solve the mystery of MH370.
Gene spanos 1
The east coast event that took the lives of many with the co-pilot and his crew into the ocean was and remains ( militants ) who slipped by the screening process to be a commercial pilot.
Peter Crew 1
I think that someone, or some government, in some satellite surveillance center, knows exactly what happened to MH370,,,,,and I really don't think we ever will…...
bbabis 1
Yes, suicide could be one possibility, but very strange things indeed can happen in aviation. Because investigators have no idea what actually happened, bringing up suicide is an easy cop out to make them and others feel that they have done their job. As far as MH370 goes, the aircraft made all the movements as if there had been a smoke/fire emergency. Transponders and Comms were probably taken out along with most or all other systems. Serious enough that it overcame the crew but somehow the plane flew on. There are creditable witnesses that reported seeing an aircraft that may have been on fire and trailing smoke along the route the plane is suspected of flying. We will never know until we find pieces of the plane or they find us.
Another theory , blaming pilots who cannot defend themselves....
We had a situation in France in the late 60s...
The "probable "truth came out 40 years later... The caravelle Ajaccio Nice
"lost" missile shot the plane.
The military personal who knew about it had no choice than to shut up....
Many times , when there is "no explanation" in aircraft 'or ship) disappearance, the miltary f...... up"
John Lear 0
MH 370 was the airplane that crashed in the Ukraine along with the cadavers of the original passengers. It was remote controlled from somewhere in the middle east and shot down by fighters to crash. Crises actors have done an excellent job in convincing the MSM that there really was an MH 17. Which there wasn't.
Sean Keehner 0
I have heard that there were people from one company who possessed a patent for a new invention. Too many squawks about the plane landing in the remote island of Diego Garcia. With 239 people each with at least one bag, one seat cushion, one seat back, that means at least 740 pieces of something should have been floating in the ocean somewhere! and on top of it, there were people calling cell phones of people on that tragic flight, they were ringing for awhile which means the phones ere still on for a period of time. I do not think it sank in the ocean.

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btweston 5
Do you have, uh, any information whatsoever to support your theory or are you content to just make things up?

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Falconus 4
Falconus 4
[Just for the record, that was meant to be sarcastic. Should be obvious, but it is the internet, so, you know...]
siriusloon 8
We need a new font called Sarcastica. ;-)
RECOR10 -4
I, for one, bet you are correct.
siriusloon 3
You, for one, are the only one, not counting the lunatic you're agreeing with.


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