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Confusion over missing plane has shamed Malaysia

The litany of confusing and contradictory information that has emerged since the disappearance of flight MH370 has humiliated Malaysia Airlines, and exposed the underlying frailties of Malaysian society itself, analysts say. Amid an extremely difficult crisis, officials from the airline and the government have provided information that was plain wrong or wildly misleading on at least five occasions. ( さらに...

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Who is their right mind would fly with an Asian airlines.
Well, sad to say, good or bad, the article is pretty much true. It is a banana republic that has been thrust upon the world stage and so far is not making a good performance. that said, Americans and those from that part of the world must realize that culture is a big player here, in that in that part of the world, you are only entitled to what somebody wants you to know. Past that it is none of your business. Fact is though, that if you play on the World stage, and you do by running an international airline, you had better get used to it and subscribe to it. A big part of the world is used to transparency on issues like this and you gain no stature by withholding information to make yourself look important. We saw some of this culture raise it's head in the 214 crash. It has no place in the cockpit and it has no place in withholding information on a lost flight with multiple nationalities on board.


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