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EADS Salesman John Leahy to Face Trial for Insider Trading

Two companies and seven individuals will be tried in France because they traded EADS shares with insider information. John Leahy is said to have had information concerning problems with the A350 and A380 programs when he sold shares in 2006. He faces a sentence of 2 years in jail and a fine of about $ 2 million. The A380 program has not shown a profit. ( More...

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Brian Bishop 4
Wow. Wonder how he'll blame THAT on Boeing
Peter Rabyk 4
Off to the guillotine with the Arrogant SOB!!!!
John Berry 2
He's a snake, who would have thought?
CaptainFreedom 2
Easier money than being a pilot.
Fly Boeing…
Well a guess now Airbus is in deep crap...
Dave Blevins 1
Well now. Why should he have to go to prison for insider trading when none of our current government, that has done the same, are going ? No, I'm not cynical. It's the truth. Check for yourself. Especially folks like Pelosi, Kerry, too many others to list here. Oh how the SEC needs to investigate.


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