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Airbus is looking to end a dearth of A380 orders with 11-across seating in the economy cabin

Airbus will be looking to end a dearth of orders this year for its A380 at the Dubai air show, and it has been offering 11-across economy seating in its super-jumbo. Aircraft leasing firm Doric plans to order 20 A380s by the end of the year. These A380s will then be offered to customer airlines with 11-across economy with 17 inch wide seats. Although, for obvious reasons, Doric CEO Marc Lapidus, according to Bloomberg, declined to name his prospective customers. ( More...

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Peter Rabyk 1
After all that BS about making 18 inch wide economy class seats the standard, now the hypocrites at Airbus are now willing to offer for sale A-380's with 17 inch wide seats, 11 abreast in order to sell a few more airframes. I guess 10 abreast in the A-350 can't be far behind.


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