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U.S. Navy moves ahead on new presidential helicopter program

The U.S. Navy posted the final rules for a long-delayed, multibillion dollar competition for a new fleet of presidential helicopters, saying it planned to award a contract about a year from now despite looming U.S. defense budget cuts ( さらに...

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Why does Sikorsky have to be paired with Lockheed? The current choppers are Sikorsky anyway. Are they not big boys? Lockheed don't know anything about building helicopters, but morso than that, while a few years might be there, airframes aren't even hurt. Why not just change out the engines and redo the avonics. Whole lot less money. That's what they should have done when they shot down the program before. If they had've, we wouldn't be having this conversation or it might have been a lot more justifiable
suz 1
Why needed?
Those are probably the best maintained helicopters in the world. Unless the airframe is out of hours, they don't need to be replaced. In our currant economy, the money could be used elsewhere. Also, if they are going to be replaced it should be from an American manufacturer only.
If this story really breaks out like it did before, chances are there will be a big enough outcry to kill it again. It seems the way they are going about it, they are trying to keep it under the radar. Hopefully it will break out


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