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American-US Airways merger seen as likely; specifics unclear

Do American Airlines' recent troubles - loose seats, flight delays, increased maintenance reports, and pilot sick calls - help or hurt a potential merger with US Airways Group, which has publicly promoted a combination with bankrupt American? Many industry observers think a merger is likely, but whether it happens during bankruptcy reorganization or after and who will run the merged airline are the issues. ( さらに...

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Personal Opinion: This is just more of Doug Parker's BS and wishful thinkg, regardless of who the mouthpiece is. He may have good intentions but he needs to get his own house in order as far as labor goes before he takes on something of this size. If it were to progress, some that follow and support him now will find out that he lies! IMHO
US Airways has not been able to come to terms with its own two pilots unions and is now facing a strike threat from its cabin attendants. There is no reason to think that it would have any more success dealing with American's pilots union. Whatever "many industry observers" may think, a merger of American and US Airways would only lead to trouble. The key players at American and among its financial backers should use their imaginations and develop a solution to their problems that does not involve US Airways.


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