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Buzz Aldrin Remembers Neil Armstrong

Dr. Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon -- just scant minutes after Neil Armstrong took the historic first step, has issued a statement in memory of his friend and fellow Apollo 11 astronaut, Neil Armstrong... ( More...

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Jerry McCann 5
God speed Neil, you inspired many and gave hope to a planet. You may have been quiet person, but your words on the surface of the moon spoke loudly for all mankind.
rick graves 4
The sad part is that he made a "huge leap for mankind" when I was 7. Not sure we mankind has had the guts or resources to leap much further in the last 43 years. Maybe I am wrong.
Carl McLelland 3
Remembering where I was, just like when JFK was shot, or 9-11, I was about two hours out of "the land of the giant PX", on my way home form Vietnam when the Captain announced that Apollo 11 had just successfully landed on the moon. It's a shame that Nixon 'killed' the space program after the Apollo program.. Had that not happened it's entirely possible Neil would have lived to see man walk on Mars. Here's hope and prayer the new "Pilot-In-Command" will begin the resurrection to put us back in space, and not just a "campout in low Earth orbit"..
Had a chance to meet Neil at an aviation meeting a few years ago. Glad I had the chance. I can tell my grandchildren that I met the "man on the moon".
larry clement 3
JJ, you are so right about the changes in America since that epic day when they walked on the moon. We have gone from a Nation built on principle and work ethic to one of welfare and entitlement.If we don't get a change in the White House, we can kiss this country good-bye as we know it. Who would have thought that we would have to hire the Russians to take out astronauts into space? ( we are going to get a new Pres. this Nov. There have to be enough people smart enough to know they got conned last time with " hope and change".Now our only hope is to get a change)

Those first Astronauts, as well as those who followed, were brave, dedicated Americans. Too many of them gave their lives , as have those who served in the military to protect our freedom.
JJ Johnson 3
I am hoping the Mars Rover and other NASA missions will inspire our youth to pursue Mathematics and Science. The dumbing down of our public school systems to "Accommodate" other students has almost destroyed the future of America. It's time to throw Political Correctness on the ash heap of history and get back to excellence in America. Affirmative Action and it's associated dumbing down has been a disaster. Just one look at the White House will confirm that hypothesis.
Robert Black 2
Math & Science careers are not just about getting students to concentrate on those fields. You also have to have STEM careers at the end, and lifetime support for research. Currently, there is less $$ for students (per capita) in the "hard" sciences than at any time in my life (I'm 58, and a meteorologist) and salaries are being attacked from all sides, especially in Government, where most of my colleagues work. Students are not stupids - they, too hear about these problems, and choose careers accordingly.
dpadhye 1
Don't use this forum for Republican propaganda. 'Fair and Balanced' Fox News Channel is doing enough of that already.
preacher1 1
It's not republican propaganda. Reed my comment below. There is enough here for several administrations to share the blame.
De Crockett 1
What propaganda? What ever happened to simply respecting anothers opinion?
sparkie624 3
From what I can see, Neil Armstrong was a good man... He impresses me as a person who puts God first, and is a great example of a great American. He did the best he could do, and still wanted to do better. Wish more people would hold his standards and we would not have some of our nations problems that we have today... You have to have respect for a guy would would have Communion and Worship before walking on the moon.
kx35n1 1
As the whole morns your passing. We will always remember the Pilot the Astronaut and the American Hero. Who spoke those profound words when steping onto to the moons surface for all mankind. Into the great beyond Neil and into God Hands.
SootBox 1
I named my weenie dog "Buzz".
preacher1 1
JJ: the part of your comment below "It's time to throw Political Correctness on the ash heap of history and get back to excellence in America"is the best and most concise that I have ever heard it put. There is enough problem here for several administrations to share the blame. Our problems are much bigger than politics, and as we haven't found the answer yet, we should at least feel fortunate that we have another chance to do so in November.
Neil Armstrong was a class act, American hero and role model his entire life. Buzz is all about Buzz and always wuzz. I'm suprised Buzz didn't knock Neil out of the way and run down the ladder ahead of him to be first. I don't care what this jerk has to say. Notice he quickly turned it all about himself.

[This poster has been suspended.]

richard weiss -1
would the thief posting this junk please crawl back under their rock, and leave us in peace
preacher1 0
FA has already got him. They just missed this page but will get him too.
richard weiss -1
Hey idiot, stop posting this crap. You're nothing but a thief


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