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Boeing 787 Demo Wow's Farnborough Crowd (video)

Boeing stopped performing airshow flight demonstrations 28 years ago, citing the safety risks involved in putting an airliner through maneuvers better suited to fighters and aerobatic airplanes. That all changed this week at the Farnborough International Airshow in England ( さらに...

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Can you imagine the thrust to weight ratio that thing must have with zero Pax and only enough gas to make the demo? Must have lept off the runway like a rocket, a slow lazy rocket!
One thing that impressed me is the mist coming off the wings during one of the high g turns - not often seen on passenger planes. Reminds me of an airshow a few years ago when a 767 did an old-fashioned immelman turn - after a high-speed low-level pass, a very steep climb, and just short of the stall (at about 8000 feet I think), applied full rudder to yaw around and reverse direction. Probably not recommended by the manufacturer.
Would love to see that!
I saw this at the Avalon Airshow in 2005, but it was a New Zealand Air Force 757, actually. I didn't get footage of it, but these two clips on youtube show the start of the Avalon flyby, and another by the same plane at an airshow in NZ. Unfortunately both these videos cut out before the actual Immelman turn. It was impressive, and I recall the commentator saying 'you can take the boy out of the fighter, but you can't take the fighter out of the boy'
Oops, forgot the clips:
I heard that!
lol the ants at the end. can't tell you how many times I've done that.. put my foot straight in an ants' nest.
Very nice. Quite sporty for a big bird. Although as mentioned, very lightly loaded, still makes an impressive demonstration.


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