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Airline squeeze: It's not you, 'it's the seat'

Airline seating changes will directly affect passenger comfort, convenience and cost. ( さらに...

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I'm one of those people who sometimes has to use the seat back to haul myself out. At 5' 4", I fit the seat fine, but there just isn't always enough leg room to get your feet under you.
At 5' 10" I am not big, but yes, overweight. Add to the plight, bad back and knee, it makes traveling coach quite uncomfortable. I have to shift more than others normally would. Thus, First Class becomes a necessity, not a luxury.
What a great idea. Now we just have tofigure out how to change the seat configuration at each airport in order to accomodate the various sized passengers....oh and don't forget we'll have to add some additional ground time for the flight so that we can change out the seats. Terrific idea. NOT!
All I know about the situation is that so far the airlines don't have any solutions. They keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result. More and more people dislike airline travel and the majority of the airlines are broke. Throw in the TSA and we have a helluva business
Everybody is either discriminated against or they are called something that is not PC correct and the whinning starts. What a pathetic bunch we have turned into.
gez 1
I for one no longer travel by air due to the seats being so cramped. I tend to drive or go by train, easier way to travel
N7172P 1
WOW! In the mid 1950's I worked for North American Airlines at LGA in Operations, we flew DC-4 with 80 seats (domesticly) set 3 & 2plus2 Blue rooms at the rear .
40# baggage free, charged 10cents per # over that. went out with full flights .When we received our first DC-6 from the facory with 102 seats, also set with 3&2 plus 2 blue rooms.
never hapd a complaint about uncomfortable seats,
On the arrival at LGA on the first nonstop DC-6 from BUR (Burbank Ca.) C.R Smith then Head Honcho of American was on the ramp with a hand held counter checking the number of passangers comming off.When he finished and starting asking passengers how they enjoyed the cramped space on a long flite, no one in my hearing said it was uncomfortable. The good old days !
Ok I got to say it... does this economy seat may by butt look big?
Just proof one more time that the industry is incapable of self-governing. They're gonna force the federal gov't to step in and start regulating again!
Never had a problem with the seats... Its the Big Fat "A" that sits besides me and wants to keep the arm reset up because they don't fit.... Sorry. I keep my arm rest down, and I am comfortable. Wish airlines would have scales and charge by weight. Very simple. FED-EX, UPS been doing it for a long time and there passengers don't complain. Whey they buy on line they put there weight down and pay their ticket. At the gate if they are over published weight by more than 5% they are charged the difference plus a penalty.
pjshield 5
Nothing wrong with that mode of thinking as long as when you pay more, you get more.
Charge a higher price for size but make sure you accommodate the size with the extra space you are paying for.
If I buy 10 lbs of potatoes, I don't expect them to be squeezed into a 5 lb bag!
But it's not just a space issue - more weight uses more fuel. Really annoying when you get hit with extra baggage charges and the guy front + his baggage was far in excess of your total, but he pays no more because his 'excess baggage' is in his gut and butt!
Care to explain that reasoning to the players on your average college or pro football team? Make sure you stress to them how upset you are, and that you consider them Big Fat "A's"... and if you're lucky they won't rip that pesky armrest off and make it into a bowtie for you.
I'm an athlete and just because I'm ripped and tall doesn't mean that I should be discriminated against. When I was 13 I had no room, so I think that's is a farfetched statement of yours.
Fed ex charges for heavier packages. When you buy the 24 oz porterhouse at Ruths' Chris you pay more than the person eating the 8 oz filet. Discrimination I guess.
One sizes fits all doesn't seem to working all that well. Maybe a little thinking outside the box is need----maybe even like sparkie suggests; using poundage. After all, the limiting factor on a passenger airliner is weight, not volume. Cramming everyone into the same size seat makes a lot of people unhappy. Larger people are totally uncomfortable and smaller people feel ripped off by paying the same as a 350 pounder and then putting up with them spilling into their space. Hopefully, Some airline will eventually come up with some viable options like several different size seats in coach. Bigger pays a premium, smaller gets a discount. That's probably some type of discrimination in the PC world.
This article saved me the trouble of taking a commercial flight remember why I fly my own plane.


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