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Boycott Spirit Airlines

As for the industry-leading rate of complaints, Baldanza said he's not losing sleep over it. 'If you ran a restaurant, and out of every 100,000 customers, 8 of them said they didn’t like your menu, would you change your restaurant?' he asked. 'Why don’t we interpret that 99.92 of all customers have no complaints? ( さらに...

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No my bank does not charge fees .... FAA needs to re-enter the picture and re-regulate the craziness that the airlines have turned theirselves into ... Airline regulation helped control airfares and what the could charge for... We need that back, not to have SPIRT or any other "nickle anyd dime" us ..
I can understand having a NO REFUND POLICY, however, there are always exceptions to the rule, this being one. This could have been avoided if Spirit Airlines had offered to fly his daughter to see him thus being able to keep the money and getting a lot of good press out of it at the same time with little additional cost to the airlines. The headlines may have read "SPIRIT AIRLINES SUPPORTS VETS BY FLYING DAUGHTER TO SEE HER DAD AFTER DOCTOR RESTRICTED HIM FROM FLYING BECAUSE OF TERMINAL CANCER" Thinking out of the "box" is not a bad thing as most vets will admit.
Spirit Airlines is both ... The joke and the fool !!
Doesn't your bank charge various fees for services. It's a business, if one doesn't agree with a particular vendor, go to the next.
N5827P 2
I agree with RobSJC and the author (Hess). While Spirit did nothing illegal they are both the fool and the joke. If almost any other business advertised this way the FTC would step in and put a stop to misleading advertising. Spirit is probably worst at this, but all the airlines, with the exception of Southwest, play these games. And the more people only look at the price, the more they deserve this kind of service (the Wal-Mart syndrome).
flynryan 1
Southwest is the worst hence Southworst. But anyway, it's a business move. They give this guy a refund despite what their policy says it opens the door for others to throw a fit until they get a refund, and they possibly sue the airline for giving somebody a refund and not giving others a refund when the policy clearly states no refunds. (as dumb as it sounds, this country is sue happy)
Airlines think they can afford to tick off any amount of passengers and it doesnt matter...Remember PeoplExpress.....exactly, where are they now?
Many domestic carriers simply look at PAX as self-loading freight.
Speaking as a vet who has flown on Spirit in the past... Never again!
Okay, I just read Baldanza's "apology". Not once did he accept any personal responsibility, and when he said "sometimes we make mistakes" he continued on to clarify that the "mistake" was, "In my statements regarding Mr. Meekins' request for a refund, I failed to explain why our policy on refunds makes Spirit Airlines the only affordable choice for so many travelers..." In other words, the mistake was that he failed to squeeze every possible drop of advertising out of it. My opinion of him, personally, and the airline itself, has not changed. Sufficient to say Spirit doesn't move me, or my family, or my employees.
Insurance is insurance, plain and simple.
Just one more reason why our travel agency books around this horrible airline...
My guess is most people who fly Spirit don't even know trip insurance exists. And, if they do, likely can't afford it because they just blew their all their cash on the ticket.
It is a big Scam. Did you ever look at the fine print? They can get out of paying for almost any reason.
Baldanza decided to personally refund this veteran, after all he has a heart.
Yeah, he has a heart. He carry's it in wallet.
I'd like to see medical proof of that please. If he did in fact personally make the refund (I've not seen any other reports to that effect yet) then he did so solely to head off the mounting tide of bad publicity and ticked off vets picketing Spirit ticket counters. The company's "no refunds" policy was purely a business decision and this reported refund would be/is also purely a business decision, and has nothing to do with might be morally and ethically right. I, for one, will never again fly Spirit, nor will any of my employees on company business.
Surely you jest...
No, and don't call me Shirley. :)
I have been told by some lawyers that there no such thing ass a no-refund policy. No state has a law that permits no-refund policy. I am no lawyer, but I have been burned by the no-refund by a couple of companies. Finally got my money but it was a hassle.
It is bad enough that our government treated Vietnam vets poorly in the last few decades. And the airlines have to follow the same suit? Poor decision by Baldanza. I would feel ashamed to be a pilot for his airline. Semper Fi Mr. Meekins.
Not so much an FAA issue but a DOT issue. Where does the new "All-Inclusive Fare" rules come into play here?
flynryan 0
They refunded it AND donated to his favorite charity, why are we still talking about this? Move on.
If I think about it completely objectively I can't say that I disagree with his logic. The rules are the rules and they are clearly printed. He was absolutely right; a tragic situation to be sure, but that is why insurance is available.
See my comment under Fred Moore above.
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Spirit Airlines' Disastrous Customer Service Week

The airline that promotes itself as the "ultra low-cost carrier" is already well-known for its exhaustive menu of extra fees (by rough count, over 100 possible individual surcharges, nevermind the endless combinations) that can easily exceed the base fare. And last week, Spirit announced that it was raising the fee for carry-on bags to as much as $100 each way. Pay if you check it, pay if you don't. Seemed like a late April Fool's joke


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