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F-35s mired in controversy

The first report from the new auditor-general, Michael Ferguson, is due today. It is said to concern how the government did not properly price the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter purchase, which is Canada's second largest military acquisition ever after the new warships that were recently ordered. ( さらに...

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Or a bunch of Saab Gripens for the same price, or a fleet of Eurofighter Typhoons for roughly $10 billion
Bottom line is that if it were not for the obstinacy of Harper & his cowed cabal, we would not be having this problem in the first place. For all intents & purposes the F-35 DOES NOT WORK!!. There are better alternatives already flying & available as we speak & yet the bloody Conservatives are running around like dogs trying to catch a speeding car. When they catch it they have no idea what to do with it. In the meantime our men & women are sitting around being shafted by a bunch of politicians!! Actually that is incorrect; "Chopper" MacKay is out showing Julio "I have no idea what I am doing" Fantino how the latest helicopters get in & out of fishing camps.
Buy a fleet of Super Hornets then think about the F-35.
The Aussies bought the Super Hornet to replace their retired F-111's. Canada has the upgraded Hornet capable of service to about 2016-2020 timeframe which is the scheduled US IOC of tha F-35A which is the variant that Canada wants. I do not agree that the F-35 is the perfect aircraft, BUT is the only available 5th Gen aircraft available to us. I cannot see Russia or china or any other country developing a fifth Gen Fighter selling us their latest technology because they are all effectively drawing board designs or in the case of Sukhoi's T-50,a very early developmental design/prototype. So between a rock and a hard place that would be akin to purchasing used F-16 block 30's to go up newer aircraft like the Mig-29, Su-27 or the very aesthetically pleasing EF-200o or their chinese copy - The Chengdu J10
It is my understanding that the updated versions that Canada has are not as new as the ones that the Americans have. Canada has F/A - 18C & D Super Hornets while the americans have F/A 18E & F Super Hornets. Forgive the cynicism but it does make you wonder why Harper decided to single source the aircraft anyway, or is there something we are not privy too?


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