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Man Charged for Urinating on Passenger During JetBlue Flight

A passenger on a JetBlue flight bound for New York relieved himself on an 11-year-old girl's leg after drinking more than half a dozen alcoholic beverages. ( さらに...

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Poor Dad! geez what an idiot! I dont know what Id do if that happened to my daughter......headlines would have read like this........Man Kicks passengers head through airplane window after daughter urinated on
Apparently airfares are too low and the drunk pax was overserved.
That passenger is a SWINE!!!! The carrier should have some liability in this for over serving him. Their liability should be similar to a liquor establishment's liability, when a patron leaves and causes an automobile accident.
It's not explicitly stated whether the airline served him the alcohol or whether he drank before getting on the plane, but since he was only 18 he shouldn't have been served alcohol anyways.
Indecent exposure, that's all he was charged with???

If I was the arresting officer, I would've taken that punk and the girl's father to a windowless room and told the father that anything you want to do to him is off the record, and left the room.

If it was my daughter, I would've turned that kid into a grease spot.
Harold, the airline should have a huge liability. The guy was only 18, and getting served alcohol.
It doesn't say he was served the alcohol by JetBlue. However, the only way he could've obtained it is through a fake I.D., post-security at the originating airport. If JetBlue did indeed serve the alcohol, they are in a heap of trouble.

Personally, I think airlines need to get rid of alcohol altogether on flights. They're just opening that can of worms for nuts like this. But then again, it's "revenue".
I'm usually p**sed off at the airlines, not p**sed on.
canuck44 0
I am very much in favor of other passengers immediately dispensing the justice that this POS will not receive in the courts and certainly not from his rich bitch "Mommy". The public needs to keep up the pressure on the US Ski Team to permanently drop him from any of their programs and include his sponsors in the pressure. I have sent a copy of his picture to TD Bank with their logo on his shirt and would encourage others to do so as well.

I used this email address:

Here is a link to the picture from the Daily Mail:

As a post-note...had it been my daughter we would not need to do this for he would not have recovered from his injuries in time for the next two Olympics and he would still be searching for his gonads on the sole of my shoes.
As a follow up, apparently he has been dismissed from the US Olympic Ski Team over the public outcry from this incident.
I heard this before somewhere that a JetBlue flight last Wed night might get the record as the toughest travel encounter ever. Travellers were forced to endure a drunken teenage peeing on a kid. And another male vomited inside the airliner.This is disgusting.If you wanna know more ths is the source for this article: <a title="Man urinates on girl mid-flight" href="">Man urinates on girl mid-flight</a>
This is disgusting. What's next? Doing diarrhea all over an innocent airline passenger?


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