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US Airways Pilots Sue Carrier

Pilots who are represented by the US Airline Pilots Association have filed suit against the carrier, contending the company has violated its legal obligation to bargain in good faith. Read more: US Airways pilots sue carrier | The Business Journal ( さらに...

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I'm surprised it took 7 years
Can East Pilots sue themselves for being overly greedy bastards and violating its legal obligation to bargain in good faith? No. They should be fired immediately, and rehired at the current and contracted rate the west pilots have agreed to, waiting for the west pilots to agree to.
In all my years of working with USAir and now USAirways, they have never bargined in good faith. They push things out as far as they can. Top management is Bean Counters, not airline executives.
Strike . . . The days of trying to accommodate and compromise are over . . .
Bean counters as execs? Strikes on the horizon? No, not as US. Every things just peachy...personally, I think a strike, or even a partial "call-out sick" strike would benifit both the fa's and pilot
Don't worry... I am sure the regional carriers will be happy to pick up and keep the extra flights! ;)
I don't know why the easties think anyone should bargain in good faith. They certainly didn't with the west pilots. The easticles didn't keep their word with binding arbitration with the west, so why are they crying about the company? Someone needs to call the waaaaambulance.
Just a bunch of whiners.........go ahead....strike if you want. Be thankful that you have a job!!
There are many that would gladly take your a heartbeat...just step aside. If you don't like your job.....just leave!! Then see what it is like in the REAL WORLD!
Idk if the regionals could fill the bigger money markets that US needs to keep turning profits


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