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FedEx pilots face pay cuts, buyouts as contract talks resume

A tough freight market is squeezing FedEx Express, which is cutting back on flight utilization. That means fewer hours for pilots and the company now wants to lower the minimum flying levels as contract talks get underway. ( More...

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sparkie624 6
This is really nothing new.. there is a severe Pilot Shortage and they have to do what they have to do to survive... Pay Cuts is nothing new, and they have been paid a heavy premium for a long time. Having worked in Unions.. I am glad I am not in one any longer! Much Happier now as most unions generate friction between employees and the company that does not make for a good environment. Since I work for an airline now that does not have a union, I am so much happier than I ever was working under a Union!
Eric Kulisch 3
Interesting perspective. Thanks for sharing. Do you work cargo or passenger?
sparkie624 2
Passenger... Biggest difference... Packages don't complain on a bumpy ride or bad FA Service!
btweston 1
As you say, there is a pilot shortage… so why are they firing pilots?
Carlos Bea 2
Amazon fulfillment centers are in almost all metropolitan areas now as a result of changes in consumer shopping habits. These centers provide "same day" deliveries & have completely upended the status quo that FEDEX & UPS had enjoyed for many decades. A collateral effect is that the value of vacant commercial land has skyrocketed nationwide.

That said, I'm having trouble reconciling employee indispensability irrespective of these changes.
sparkie624 1
I certainly do believe that Amazon is hurting them to be sure.. Where Amazon uses UPS and FEDEX, by far there own delivery service has proven to be quite successful
J H 2
FedEx announced it is accelerating a $1 billion share buyback - that is a slap in the face of each pilot and every other employees who work all hours under difficult conditions to make this former freight dawg fly by night outfit into a global force. FEDEX knows how to treat people -PSP- but have chosen to reach into the pilot's pockets to save the operation. It is a tired old story. As old as our aviation industry. It seldom goes well. Pay cuts when no alternative is available should be shared by all. Senior management should lead by example. No clue if they are...
linbb 1
Well its sad but cost of doing business is something unions need to work with so the company can stay in business. But unions can make it hard for the company to do so and wouldnt be the first to go under. Dont think that would ever happen with Fedex.
Thomas King -2
Union is the reason for a living wage. And the last two comments bring this to mind. Before deregulation, a job in the airline industry paid a living wage. FedEx has been against unions from the start. My father was subject to deregulation and bankruptcies the were the result. Ask any UPS worker if they want to work for FedEx.
Greg S 2
In a competitive market, the market is the reason for a living wage, not any union. In a non-competitive market unions are a necessity.
Any company that has a union deserves a union. They don’t just happen
Thomas King 2
:-) hah.
sparkie624 0
I have worked both... Unions always put the Employees against Management... Nothing good happens with that setup... from my time working in the Airline Industry, I have been much happier working under management that working for a Union... and then having to share my Pay with them as well. You may make more money, but I would rather have more happiness! I have never worked under a union that wasn't self centered. They are real nice around contract time.. After that it is not much more than a Middle Finger Salute from them... I now work from home, good fair wages and I can talk to my boss without a Union sticking there nose into it. There used to be a need for it, but since OSHA, Unions are a waste of money and time!


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