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Civil Air Patrol adds six Cessna aircraft to its fleet of nearly 550

Textron Aviation Inc. and the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) recently celebrated the delivery of four Cessna Skyhawks, one Cessna Skylane, and one Cessna Turbo Stationair HD aircraft in Independence, Kan. ( More...

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sparkie624 11
This is good news... Glad to see that they are growing the fleet. They preform a good service.
Brent Vegors 3
Too few people even know about C.A.P., let alone the many different missions they perform. This is good news. Investing in solid, multi-functional, tried and true aircraft benefits all persons in the USA. From national emergencies to local missing person missions the C.A.P. continues to invest in equipment long proven to serve a variety of missions. I, for one, am glad to know they're continuing to invest for OUR protection &/or aid.
Congratulation and happy and safe work
“Semper Vigilans”
Glenn Head 2
My son joined CAP when he was 12. It was a composite squadron in Boulder,CO. At 15, he was commander of the youth side of the squadron. He held that role until he was 19 and during that time experienced what I think is the best leadership program for young people that we have perhaps in our entire country. he focused entirely on search and rescue and ground team operations. His squadron was called out for tornadoes, floods in the Boulder Fort Collins area. He flew in Blackhawk helicopters to rescue people off of their roofs, was first seeing at least two down aircraft in the Colorado mountains, where he mindfully decided who owned his his team would be able to see the wreckage. It was an amazing set of life experiences that I frequently describe as Boy Scouts on steroids. He became an EMT, a teacher of EMTs, a medical captain in the Boulder Mountain fire department, a trainer for emergency response teams across the state of Colorado, and today at 33 is about to graduate from medical school. CAP is an organization. I would totally recommend for leadership training for young people to learn skills that will served them a lifetime!
linbb 3
Hope they keep it up better than it was years back when I was in it. Another item was the way it ran some of the people in it thought they were elites and treated members very bad. I got out of it before there flying killed someone.

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jstring 7
Sounds like you didn't get invited back. Let it go buddy...


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