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Australia’s Renowned Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section) Selects FlightAware for Remote Enhanced Flight Tracking Capabilities

“The game-changer for us is FlightAware’s AeroAPI data service. We obtain automatic notification of key flight events and comprehensive flight history details for every flight. We’ve integrated this flight tracking data into our operational systems and display this with other relevant information to our tasking officers, greatly improving situational awareness of our crews and fleet.” ( More...

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Great news for the Aussie outback and the RFDS.
JanForrest 4
Good news - I enjoyed this one. Lovely to see RFDS joining Flight Aware.
As Ambos, often meeting RFDS to pick up and drop off patients , FlightAware has been very useful!
sparkie624 3
Congrats to FlightAware
At least one more innocent person, Dmitry Otkin, who was apparently on the plane (if any of them were on the plane at all and they didn't just advertise so that they could fly from today)
A mistake on the page, a thousand apologies
David Beattie 1
999 would be plenty😂


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