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Air Travel is Broken. Can it Be Fixed?

Up now in Ask the Pilot: The State of Flying in 2022. Air Travel is Broken. Can it Be Fixed? ( More...

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k1121j 3
Well no one can say anything in detest or the over reactive airlines will just ban them....its going to take a movement or some real competition.... May the odds be ever in your favor
patrick baker 2
if you can't afford to fly southwest, american, united or delta or jet blue, and you still fly any lcc or ulcc, then you must now consider yourself a machocist , sentenced to cabin arrest, bread and water levels of "service" Have been a paying airline passenger forover fifty years, can still recall the good old days of humane travel, and find myself disgusted with the plebian levels passengers willingly endure. I am hopeful Breeze will soon use my midwest hometown for building their business, and just have seen JetBlue add JFK turnarounds lately. Hope may be on the way...
bbabis 2
Airline travel has simply become the greyhound travel of the air. It has been moving that direction since deregulation of the industry in 1978. The pandemic has simply helped it along a little quicker. Corporate and private aviation are booming because airlines no longer meet business travel needs and no company or person with means will put up with the hassle of TSA, terminals, and the airline's schedule instead of theirs. Airline travel is moving closer to the last option than the first option for travel.
Roy Hunte 2
Maybe if Amtrak is smart maybe they will improve their service to take advantage of this. Most train lines in Europe already do this.
jmilleratp 2
I fly as little as possible. I don't know why so many people subject themselves to the way airlines treat them as much as they can.


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