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Disturbing viral photo of airplane wing covered in what appears to be duct tape is no cause for concern, experts say

A photo of an airplane wing covered in what appears to be duct tape went viral this week. Experts told CheckMate the tape is "speed tape," a commonly used tool to cover peeling paint. Officials say the tape is no cause for concern and poses no risks. A photo of an airplane wing covered with what appears to be duct tape threw the internet into a tizzy this week, but experts say, don't worry. The image in question first drew attention after Australian opera singer David Wakeham… ( さらに...

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linbb 2
And an fyi about speed tape is its metal tape not cloth like duct tape.
Chris B 1
Don't tell Qatar that paint falls off Boeing 787's.

They might think it's a safety risk and ground their fleet.
Roy Hunte 3
Maybe someone should, then they will become embroiled in battle with Boeing too, leaving them with no new aircraft, and showing the world that Akbar Al Baker is a spoiled child.
wx1996 1
Not a problem tell them! Boeing says there is a problem and works with customers to fix it. They have a new paint and bonding agent that correct the issue by weaking with UV light.

Airbus is the one saying it is not their problem and Qatar needs to find a fix on their own. Airbus has said that the planes should not sit in the sun in that hot abusive environment when not in use. They were not designed to take that abuse.

For the record Boeing fixed this problem in production years ago. This Jet start is an old one approaching it heave check and repaint. The budget airline is not painting them out of cycle to fix the pealing problem, speed tape is cheaper.


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