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Boeing 787 Competitor: Russian-Chinese CR929 Enters Initial Design Phase

The CR929 has already finished the general concept phase and now moving into the preliminary design phase, according to the Chief Designer of the C919 series, Mr. Wu Guanghui, during his attendance at WDCC (World Design Cities Conference) 2022 in Shanghai on Thursday. A word from the designer Wu Guanghui said, "The CR929 medium and long range wide-body passenger aircraft has a ratio of 51% regarding composite material using for the aircraft design. It can cover 95% of the operational demand… ( More...

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jeff slack 2
Not quite sure where they intend to fly these while both countries threaten the world with WMD.

China wants Taiwan and Russia wants Ukraine and now they have a jet that rivals Airbus and Boeing.......... try flying it somewhere, anywhere, after you have thrown your toys from the proverbial crib...........

Meaningless if you intend to destroy the world as we know it.
mbrews 1
CR929 concept might compete with Airbus A350 series AND Boeing 787 series for medium and long routes.

The article has photo of prototype composite "barrels" described as 15 meter by 6 meter)
Roy Hunte 2
Between Russia and China.


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